A Rain Friendly Outfit + A Giveaway

Monday, November 10, 2014

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It's been rainy and dreary lately in Pennsylvania but I can't let that affect my outfit!  So this is a rain friendly outfit! 

My adorable hat is the Scala Womens Hat in charcoal! On the inside there are adorable polka dots!   I love this hat.  It's stylish and reliable and is so neutral. On days when it's drizzling and I don't want to carry a huge umbrella, I just toss this on!  It is so comfortable and doesn't mess up my hair at all! 
I love this Gold Toe Creme de Menthe Tote from Thursday Friday
The gold hardware is beautiful and I love how sturdy but still lightweight this tote is!  I use it to carry an extra pair of shoes, my umbrella, and my work gear! I also love that there are studded feet on the bottom!  Now those shoes...

These are better than barefeet! Ja-vie flats have great arch support and flexibility.  They combine the softest double-ply cotton knit "sock" with a lightweight jelly outsole and cushioned leather insole!   These are awesome in the rain because the jelly outsole protects from water! They are so comfy and I love the inside and how it keeps my feet feeling great all day long so I don't have to deal with sore, tired, achy soles at night! 

So What I Wore: 
 Gold Toe Creme de Menthe Tote - Thursday Friday; Shoes - Ja-vie Flats; Jeans - Target; Blouse - Target; Hat - Scala.  

If you use the code AskAway you can get free shipping on a pair of Ja-vie flats! 

And one lucky winner will get a pair of flats of their choice from Ja-vie flats!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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  1. I love your bag! :)
    And I done all requests:)
    I would like this blue one http://ja-vie.com/products/blue-black-lace They are super cute and elegant. I have a lot of black clothes so they would be perfect for me :)

    Kisses and hugs :)

  2. I would choose the Camouflage flats, they're super cute.

  3. There are several I'm loving....those red ones are gorgeous, the denim are fun but I think the shimmering black Lorax ones are my favorites. Love these shoes. Thanks for the Chsnce to win

  4. i might get the BLACK/WHITE BABY DOT FLATS if I won.
    (Rafflecopter name is Kimberly).

  5. i would choose the true red flats! so bold and pretty they are!

  6. SHIMMERING BLACK LUREX FLATS are the ones that I would choose if I were the lucky gal to win this awesome contest!

  7. I would get the BLACK CAP / NUDE BEIGE FLATS

    shaunie on rafflecopter

  9. I would choose the Black Cap / Nude Beige Flats.

  10. I would choose the BLACK CAP / NUDE BEIGE FLATS!

    Jasmine P


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