20 Cheap Things to Do When You are Bored

Monday, November 10, 2014

Being on a budget can be hard and not just because you have to control your spending.  The hardest part for me is finding things to do when I'm bored that don't involve spending a lot of money.

So here is a list of 20 things that are relatively affordable to do when you are bored, and some info on how to do them.

1//Organize Your Jewelry/Shoes/Makeup
Dollar Stores have plenty of containers and storage solutions for organizing small goods.  For just $20 you can get 20 things to help you organize.  This is a great rainy day project or even just a way to pass the time one evening after work.  Take everything out of the area you want to organize, purge to get rid of duplicates or broken items, and then figure out how many storage containers you need.  

2//Give Yourself A Mani/Pedi
I have seen some adorable manicure kits at stores like Walmart for $20 or less.  It's a great way to pamper yourself and kill some time without having to spend money at the salon.

3//Make a Gift Shop
By Gift Shop I mean, go through your stuff and find things that are brand new that you have never used like a bracelet, a candle, a jewelry dish, etc. and then put it all in a box that you can shop throughout the year when you need gifts for people.  It's a fun process to go around your home searching for things and you'll end up purging things and saving money in the longrun.

4//Watch Netflix Movies on Your Computer
You can live stream Netflix for around $8 a month.  You can binge watch shows you've always wanted to see, or just discover some indie movies you never heard of before.  It's a great way to save money instead of buying DVDs, going to the movies, or spending money on Redbox with a limited amount of time to watch the movie.

5//Pamper Your Pets
If you have pets, brush them, cut their nails, trim their hair, and bathe them.  It's something we tend not to do on a regularly scheduled day of the month, so when you're bored why not do it right then and there?   Nail clippers are under $20, and if you really want a great investment, try The Furminator for your dog's fur.  I have no idea how much they cost now but once you purchase one, you'll never regret it. I get so much fur out of my dogs each time I brush them and it has surely saved lots of time and energy from me brushing fur off my clothes and my furniture since they aren't shedding as much.

Most things can be baked from scratch as long as you have the staple ingredients.  You don't need a special occassion to bake. Just look up a recipe, make sure you have the ingredients, and get to work. Hand the baked goods out at work, or give them to a neighbor if you don't want them for yourself.

7//Make A Vision Board
A vision board can be made by cutting out photos  from magazines of things you like or want for yourself in the future. Just find posterboard to put it all on or you can even use a piece of cardboard box if you don't want to run out and buy posterboard.  Think big or think small. Whether it's things you want in your closet in the next year, or long term goals for your first home that you plan to buy, sit down, find things that inspire you and put them on your board.

8// Power Hour
I love power hour. It's the one hour a week I spend doing anything on my to-do list that I put off at any other time.  I'm talking about annoying things like sewing a button on something, going through my unopened junk mail, or cleaning a stain off the carpet. 

9// Sell Something on eBay
Now's your time to get busy with any random posessions that you've said " I am going to try to sell this on ebay" about.  It doesn't take long and once you list an item or 2 you get super motivated and I usually end up listing several more!

10// Choose Outfits for the Week
I love doing this because it saves me time every morning.  All you need is an hour max of free time to go through your closet and put together some outfits for the week.  Select some jewelry to go with each outfit. 

11// Vaccuum
Maybe I'm just weird, but when I get bored, I vaccuum.  If the carpet doesn't need it then I just go through the corners and ceilings of each room and vaccuum to get up any cobwebs. It's never a bad thing to have a clean house.

12// Facial Mask
Sometimes when I'm bored I play with my beauty products and I'll end up doing a special clay mask or an exfoliating mask.  While I wait for it to dry I often meditate or just stare out the window to relax. It's actually pretty soothing.

13// Go on A Walk
Not only does this get you off your lazy bum, but it's got great mental health benefits.  Staying active is very important, and taking in the outdoor air and scenery can boost your mood.  If you have a dog, take them along with you!

14// Clean Your Brushes
I always google around to find ways to clean my makeup brushes and hair brushes.  Go for it! Here's an article from Lauren Conrad about cleaning makeup brushes.  And here's some information about degunking your flat iron and cleaning your hair brushes.

15// Plan your Meals
Meal planning saves time and money so if you take some time each week whenever you are bored and you sit down, look at what's in your kitchen, and figure out what meals you can make from it and what supplies you need to buy at the grocery store, you'll find your daily routine goes a whole lot smoother. This is especially useful if you have kids!

16//Call Your Girlfriends
Why not take advantage of your free time by reaching out to your girlfriends and chit chatting with them about what's going on in both of your lives?  

17// Exercise
Seriously, get on the ground and start doing situps, crunches, or pushups.  What better excuse to exercise than to do it because you are bored!

18//Review Your Budget
If you don't have a budget, MAKE ONE! And if you have one, go over it again and make sure your money is managed the best it can be.

19//Take Surveys
I do this whenever I'm bored and I get paid for it so it's a win win! Here are the sites I use.

20//Clean Your Car
Wash it, clean the interior, vaccuum, and clean the windows. It's a great excuse to keep a clean car!

 What do you do when you get bored?

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