That Time Someone Used My Target Account

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

So yesterday I went to get on my personal email and I had this notification from Target that I had a shipment on the way. 

Oh, and apparently my name changed to Keith?   But wait my name isn't really Keith and I had been at work all day so how did I put in an order? 

I assumed someone used my email address for the confirmation, so I signed into my account.  I realized that my name was Keith because the payment method used for this purchase was billed to a guy named Keith's credit card.  

So I called the Target customer service number. Of course someone answered and it was very hard to understand them so after a few initial miscommunications and me asking if someone was in my account (and he said no), he then said someone was in my account and they got my password so I should change it.   Actually, this guy was really shitty and I really got no help from him without me asking a question first.  Initially all he planned to do was read me the order info. DUH I ALREADY HAVE IT!

So I did change my password but I am very grateful that my Visa card info wasn't used for anything.   I decided to delete all my saved billing info and card numbers out of my account.   I use Paypal for most stuff anyways, and now I know why. 

Has this ever happened to you? 

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  1. I have had people use my credit card number before. When I had the card. Lucky the credit card company help me out with fixing it.

  2. I had someone steal my GC, I physically had it, but they somehow got the digital numbers. I called Target and they said oh yes we see who used it and where their order is going but we cannot give out the info. I said I don't care WHO it was, just credit my card back, they said NO because it was my word against the person who stole the card info, even tho I had the gift card in my hand!!!!


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