5 Ways to Save Money During The Holidays

Monday, November 17, 2014

The next month will likely be filled with hustle and bustle and holiday cheer and it's hard not to get caught up in everything.  That being said, you still need to stay strong when it comes to your money. 

Here are 5 tips to save money this holiday season.

1//Resist the Urge to Shop for Yourself
I know, it's hard, everyone's doing it but do you really need everything that you see advertised? If you've made it this far in life without it, probably not.  Stay home on Black Friday, and stay off the computer on Cyber Monday.   Just because it's a good deal, doesn't mean you should spend money on it.  Remind yourself what other things can be enjoyed this time of year like taking a drive to see neighborhood lights, baking cookies, and decorating your home.

2//Stay Organized for Others
Use lists for everyone you need to buy for.  Set a budget for each person and shop within that budget.  Focus on things they need not just some random thing you saw because you were desperate for a gift.  If you have a coworker on your list, get them some nice pens or cute stationary.

3//Homemade Gifts
Whether it's a sugar scrub in a jar or some freshly baked cookies, try making your own gifts as often as possible.  Some gift ideas that you can make yourself are:
[]Baked Goods
[]Sugar scrubs in a jar
[]Stationary (Buy a rubber stamp and ink pad and stamp each page of a notepad)

4//Go Easy on Decorations
It may be too late this year, but in the future, try getting your decorations right after the holidays when they go on sale.  Also, dollar stores have amazingly cheap decorations.  You only use them once a year so why do you need to spend $10 on garland at one store when you can get it for $1-$5 at another. Also, there is nothing wrong with reusing the same fake tree every year.

5// Save on Cards and Wrapping
Every time you get a gift in a giftbag, save the bag!!  I have a huge collection of gift bags that I can reuse so I never have to buy new ones.  Tissue paper is annoyingly overpriced at most stores so don't be afraid to reuse that either.  And when it comes to Christmas Cards, try to hand deliver as many as you can even if it means giving it to the person on Christmas Day when you see them.  Postage is expensive so cutting back in small ways helps.  I also stock up on Christmas cards after the holidays when they are super cheap and when I make my own customized ones I utilize coupon codes I find online.

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  1. Great tips!! I need a budget for Christmas.



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