A Day in the Life of Me

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

A lot of bloggers have been doing posts lately about a day in the life of them as a blogger/mom/full time employee.  So I figured I'd give it a shot.   I decided to pick a random day in the middle of the week to walk you through my life and how I go about balancing EVERYTHING.

5:50 AM | Alarm goes off (which sends my 4 dogs into a whirlwind of excitement for food. 
//I go to the bathroom, chug my water and vitamins, and brush my teeth.
//I head straight downstairs and feed 3 of the dogs, and as soon as I turn on the Keurig to make coffee, my 4th (Rocky) has appeared at my feet. 
//I take Rocky out to pee, then feed him and continue making coffee and getting out my Belvita.
6:00 AM | I sit at the table and eat/drink while working.
//I check my 2 email accounts.
//I check all my social media accounts.
//I enter a few new giveaways I've found.
//I check my bank account.
6:30 AM | I head upstairs to get ready for work.
//I brush my teeth again,wash my face, and get dressed.
//If my hair is straight, I touch it up with my flat iron.
// I feed my rat, and play my Covet Fashion App while waking up.
6:50 AM| I head out the door after grabbing my already packed lunch.
7:15 AM | I arrive at my full time job.
//During the day I am really busy at work but I manage to make the most of my bathroom breaks.
9:30 AM | Snack/ Bathroom Break
// I get some steps in on the way to the bathroom and while I'm walking I use my phone to respond to emails, and check my social media accounts.  I also respond to any texts I have.
11:00 AM | Another Bathroom break
//I get more steps in and I get on my phone to share my blog posts on social media for the day. (I schedule Twitter posts but I always live post on Facebook and Instagram.)  I also respond to texts.
11:30 AM| Working Lunch.
//While I eat lunch at my desk I do social media on my phone, responding to people that have contacted me regarding blog stuff.   I also read through magazines and make note of any companies I see that I'd like to reach out to as well as any blog post ideas I get.
2:00 PM| Break Time.
//Once again I use the restroom, get some steps in, and respond to social media/emails/texts on my phone.  If I don't do this throughout the day I have an INSANE amount of blog related emails by the time I get home.
4:00 PM| Leave work.
//As I drive home I can hear my email account on my phone chiming.  By the time I get home I'll have anywhere from 10-15 emails.
4:15 PM| Arrive Home.
//As soon as I walk in I'm greeted by my 4 dogs as well as my parents' dog. 
// I let the 2 boy dogs outside on a leash with me.
//I grab the mail and head inside to feed all 5 dogs.
//At this time I also go and tidy up the potty pads throughout the house. 
4:30 PM| Settle In.
//I open the mail and packages and respond to texts.
// I head upstairs and have to log in excel everything I got in the mail that day. 
//I open my blog post planner and set dates for when I'll post about any items I get.
// I check email and respond to emails.
// I also pack the next days lunch.
5:00 PM| I begin cooking dinner.
5:30 PM| Errands. I'll eat my dinner later so I put it in the fridge but at least I got it cooked before the other members of my parents' house come home.
6:00 PM| Run to a few stores to take in-store photos for blog campaigns as well as purchase the necessary items.
7:00 PM| Arrive home to eat.
7:30 PM| Shower time. I also do my hair.
8:00 PM| Set out the next days outfit and take some blog item photos.
8:30 PM| Edit Photos.
9:00 PM| Respond to emails before turning computer off for the night to watch TV and go to bed.

Just another day in the life.....

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  1. Wow that is a lot. My schedule is pretty similar, including the potty pads lol. Gemma refuses to go potty anywhere besides outside, so I don't have to worry about her. Mowgli pees a gazillion times a day, so having potty pads out is a must for him. And then Audrey is in a big crate still b/c of chewing on the other two. She has been a nightmare house training, so potty pads are a must for her too.



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