My Valentine's Day Treats with Shari's Berries

Thursday, February 12, 2015

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I love sweet treats and I love my friends and family so I was super excited to get some treats from Shari's Berries so I could share them with everyone.

Shari's Berries is a premier gifting company that delivers gourmet hand-dipped strawberries and other fuits so that the recipient can get a unique and enjoyable surprise when they open their door!

Look at these Chocolate Covered Strawberries! They were dipped in white, dark, and milk chocolate and the strawberries were huge and juicy!  My family and boyfriend absolutely loved these!!!!   
They seriously are the best treats and it's so much fun to eat them. I literally savored each bite.   So did everyone else that enjoyed them.  I loved how they were loaded with sprinkle too!

The other treats I got were Ombre Cherries.  I brought these into work and they were a HUGE hit! I loved the ombre coloring.   My coworkers loved the maraschino cherries inside.  They were easy to eat and so delicious and juicy!

They made the work day much more enjoyable.  Everyone gathered around to choose a cherry to eat.  We also joked around a lot about how we want this for Valentine's Day this year instead of jewelry!    That says a lot coming from a bunch of women!

What do you like to get for Valentine's Day?

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