In Pursuit of My Goals

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Recently I've been talking a lot about my fitness and nutrition goals for 2015 but I haven't really gotten into how I plan to pursue them. One of the major ways I'll be monitoring my progress is with GOQii, an activity tracker and app that measures and tracks sleep, activities, and nutrition and integrates certified health coaches introduce. I can earn Karma Points which convert daily achievements into monetary donations for causes across the globe. The coaches on GOQii analyze the data collected by the GOQii Band and App and assist me in making sustainable, permanent lifestyle changes to achieve your goals.

GOQii is a great influence for me because it inspires me to focus on proper nutrition, healthy sleep habits, and proper activity and exercise levels. I love that I can check in with my coach through text message or a scheduled video chat session. This is exactly what I need...someone to help hold me accountable and give me the suggestions I need. I am no expert on health and nutrition so I can't always make the right choices for myself.

You are probably wondering how you can get into something like this right? Well, the U.S. Beta trial of GOQii launches this month and 500 participants will be select to join and get 12 months of personalized health coaching. This is the ideal way to get assistance in setting goals for yourself, changing unhealthy habits, and be held accountable in your pursuit of your goals. I love the motivation it gives me when I know I have someone else along for the ride. There is no payment required to apply for the 12 month Beta but if accepted, the exclusive price is $99. That's honestly a great deal!

So since my goals were to eat more nutritiously and be more active, I'm excited to get guidance on healthier food options. I always struggle with nutrition and half the time I just eat junk food because I don't really know any better so I really need the help! A personal coach will be right there for me to ask questions to and seek advice. I really don't feel like I'm in this alone anymore. And the GOQii Band will help me be more accountable for meeting my daily exercise and activity goals. It will track my activity and sleep and is compatible with iOs (and Android and Windows Mobile) so I can always check in on my progress throughout the day.

So what are you guys waiting for? Join me and sign up for GOQii today!!

This post is sponsored by FitFluential on behalf of GOQii.

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