Rocky's Rough Weekend

Monday, February 9, 2015

So on Saturday I begun to worry about my little Rockman because the past two weeks he's had a little cough here and there that sounded similar to what happens if you have a chest could. My gut told me to take him to the ER vet and not wait till Monday. 

After hearing a loud heart murmur and doing X-rays the doctor said he definitely has an enlarged heart (as you can see above).  I will need to see a cardiologist who can test properly to see what exactly this is and what the treatment options are. 

Of course I spent hours afterwards crying and crying. I've only had Rocky since he was 7 and he is very special to me. Everyday I worry that he'll suddenly come down with something. I was not expecting this or prepared for this. I scheduled an appointment with a cardiologist on February 16th so I will know  more after that. 

I truly believe he is going to be just fine and we will be able to treat this.   I just hate having to wait a whole week but I know the cardiologist we will see if fantastic! So until then, I need a favor from you guys. I need any positive thoughts you can spare. Positive thoughts that Rocky will be fine and it'll be a treatable form and it's all gonna be okay. My heart is aching and breaking and hurting so bad now. I also want to thank everyone who already knows about this from my personal Facebook page for all the texts and messages and well wishes. I really need them. 

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  1. As I already told you on Facebook, I'm sending positive vibes and prayers your way. I'm always worried about my furrbabies, especially since Gemma and Mowgli are from shelters- and not good clean ones- and have had some health problems already at young ages and b/c Audrey is a purebred English Bulldog and from experience, I already know they have tons of health problems, need surgeries, and have shortened life spans. I'm always taking them to the vet even if it is something small and turns out to be nothing b/c you can never be too safe. Everything will be ok. The calmer you are, the better he will feel. I know it's hard but you both will get through this.

  2. Oh, I am thinking of you and Rocky! Be sure to seek lots of support from each other, as that Oxytocin that is released when you cuddle will help relieve anxiety. I also find practicing a good breathing technique can help relieve stress. It is amazing how our dogs know when we are down or worried, so the best thing you can do is show him love. Which I know you are already doing!

    1. that is great advice :) We have been snuggling so much and I have been working on the breathing since reading your comment :) Thank you so much :)

  3. Praying all will be old is Rocky now? My first cat had an enlarged heart in his later years....the vet was able to prolong his life for at least 2 yrs with meds. Praying all will be ok (((hugs)))

    1. aww really? Rocky is 10. He is so happy and full of life and no one can believe he's 10. SO i am sure he will be fine!! I will do whatever it takes to let him continue to live a healthy and happy life.


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