A Monthly Gift For Your Pets

Thursday, February 5, 2015

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Most of us are already huge fans of the monthly subscription boxes but have you ever though about one for your pets?   Well, I have and today I want to show you what was inside.

This one is Pet Giftbox and every month they will send your pets a customized gift box (based on what you tell them about your pets) that contains high quality treats, food samples, and toys.  

I love how it comes addressed to my babies! 
Inside was a BeastieBar and some It's Purely Natural Pure Beef Jerky Bars which my dogs loved! I never even heard of either of these until I received them in this box. 

The pups also got 3 toys including their new favorite, an angry rhino/hippo toy.  They all play tug of war with him.  I love that the one toy supports disabled veterans by providing assistance dogs for them. So cool! 

So if you want to spoil your pet every month be sure to sign up for $17.99 a month here: https://petgiftbox.com/get-a-box/

And during the month of February use the code LOVE at checkout to get your first box for just $4.99! 

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  1. I've seen the different monthly boxes for pets but thought I'd never do it because I don't want to pay a monthly fee, plus by babies have tons of toys. Buuuut now I am rethinking it because the puppy has pretty much destroyed every single toy in my house- which is a lot. So I'm thinking if I do the pet giftbox it will actually be worth it because if she destroys the toys that come in that month's box, I know there will be new ones showing up in the following month's box. Plus then I won't have to order stuff online or go to the store for toys and treats. Poor Gemma and Mowgli...Audrey is destroying all of their toys they play with.


  2. You dog look very excited to see whats in the box.


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