My Top 3 Eco-Friendly Products

Thursday, February 12, 2015

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When it comes to eco-friendly products, I like to try to incorporate them in my life as much as possible.  However, it always gets tricky when I'm on the go and in a rush so I have been focused on using more eco-friendly on the go products.   So here are my top 3 favorites from Rove, a company that offers products to make your everyday life easier.

1// 7 Piece Iced Laptop Bento Box
This bento box has made lunch at work SO much better. I can fit so much into it, and it keeps everything nice and cold for hours! I always try to eat healthy and now I don't have an excuse not to, even on busy days or days when I'm out for a meeting.   
Inside there are multiple compartments to help with portion control as well as utensils and a removable freezer gel pack.  I also love the handle on top! This bento box is the perfect size to fit in my work tote.
2// Double Wall Flavor Infuser 20 oz Tumbler
This is great for people like me that don't like boring drinks.  You can infuse it with fresh fruits or veggies.  It has an easy top loading refillable flavor pod.  And it's great that this is insulated because you don't have to worry about puddles or sweating or spilling!   I love the curved straw! It's perfect for in the car or in meetings at work. 

I love that this is kept hot OR cold and there's a one-touch push open lid.  You can sip from any side!   One simple touch to close it provides a leak-proof seal. This is great for keeping drinks hot or cold during long meetings or when travelling places.
So which of these could you use in your life?

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