How to Enjoy [Survive] The Honeymoon Phase

Monday, February 9, 2015

Ahh, the honeymoon phase of any relationship... full of lust, late nights, rough work days after a long night, and tons of cuddling.   The honeymoon phase usually happens in the beginning of a relationship when two people start spending A LOT of time together, feel madly in love/lust, and are pretty much high on life from each other. 

Now I know what you're thinking just from reading the title of this post - Why would I need to know how to survive the honeymoon phase if it's supposed to be such a good thing?   The honeymoon phase of any relationship is a GREAT thing but it can also be a tricky thing to handle when it comes to balancing out your new found relationship, your friendships, your work, and your health.  So I wrote this post to give you some tips on how to properly balance your life and still enjoy the honeymoon! 

1// Keep Your Routine

We know, you want to spend every free moment you have snuggling with your new man or going on random dates in the middle of the week, but remember who to put first.  It's easy to fall off the wagon when it comes to your gym schedule and your weekly errands.   Remember to still make time for yourself and the responsibilities you have like spending time with your pets, your children, running errands, cleaning the house, and working out. 

2// Remember Your Friends
Hiii! Remember us? Your girlfriends...the ones that were here for you even when you didn't have a man.  So as hard as it is to remember to distribute your attention evenly, try to make it a point to still spend time with your girlfriends.  

But wait.....   I know what you are thinking... it's already impossible to find time to see your friends anyways, especially when everyone isn't always local.  So if you can't see your friends as often as you used to, for the love of God PLEASE keep in contact with them at least a few times a week.  Make sure to be the one that initiates the text messages or emails just checking in and seeing how your girlfriends are doing and what's going on in their lives.  This brings me to my next point....

3// Don't Talk About Him 24/7  We know... you love him.  But we don't need to hear about him, his jokes, his quirks, and his sexiness every single second.   Nothing irks us more than when you keep diverting back to talking about him.  Like when we ask you how your job is, and then you say that your boyfriend's job is going great as well.   Or you immediately change the subject to him.  We care more about your life than his trust me.  It's totally okay to gush about your man, but if you start doing it too often, you'll know... because your girlfriends will initiate conversations less, and they'll barely respond when you do talk about him 24/7. 

4// Please Control Yourself on Facebook
Not every link or sappy love song lyric has to be posted publicly on your page with him tagged.  So instead, consider sending links to him in a text message or in a message.  

5// Keep Your Focus
It's easy to get thrown off course when it comes to things you are pursuing in life once you get a new love interest but try to keep focus.  When you are working on a project at work, focus on just that.  Keep your phone on silent so you aren't tempted to text him throughout the day. 

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  1. These are some really great tips. I definitely could have used these tips for my past relationships. As for my new one, it is very different. We both work a lot, work different hours, and aren't off on the same days. Even though that may seem like it sucks, it actually helps a lot because then we have no choice but to focus on work and ourselves and then when we do see each other, usually Saturday night when he gets off work, we absolutely enjoy and cherish every minute of it. This relationship is far from what my past relationships have been like that, but I think it's a good thing.


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