Top 5 Closet Organization Items + A Giveaway

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

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Being organized is especially important when it comes to your closet.  There are several benefits of having an organized closet.  You can save money, time, and energy on a daily basis.   But most of the time, you need some organizing tools to actually get your closet to that point.  Here are my 5 favorite items. 

1//Stackable Closet Shelves
Closet shelves are perfect for shoes and accessories.  You can even use them for jeans that you fold up.  They help you make the most of your floor space. 

2// Boot Organizers
I love my boot organizer.  It's the ideal way to store my boots without them getting crushed, scuffed, and torn.  Plus, this is an awesome way to air them out when not in use! 

3// Storage Cubes
Storage Cubes are a fun way to display and store your bags and clutches.
4//Woven Baskets
Baskets are great for on shelves in your closet and you can store all kinds of things in them like workout clothing, bags, jeans, or sandals. 

5//Accessory Hanger
Accessory hangers are great for items like bras so you can free up space in drawers. 

Did you like the boot organizer above? Well, great, because I'm giving one away! Good luck!

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  1. Love the 12-Bin Organizer (Pastels and White), the book shelves and the cubes!

  2. i like the accessory hanger. definitely need some.

  3. I love the supreme shelving unit! I don't have a closet in my room which is a big bummer! Although, I have a extendable garment rack from Walmart. :)

  4. I like the Ebony Chrome Collection Extendable Garment Rack.

  5. I like the Ebony Chrome Collection Extendable Garment Rack.

  6. I visited and found that Double Rod Closet is my favorite. The Accessory Hanger would also be nice for swimsuits, too.


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