15 Reasons I LOVE My Honda Civic

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

I love cars.  All different types of cars.  But I REALLY love my Honda Civic.  I've had her since 2006 (6/6/06) to be exact and I am definitely attached.  Maybe it's the experience I've had with her and how reliable she's been that I just can't think of getting rid of her and risking a new car that may not be as awesome. 

But for anyone considering a Honda as their next car, here are 20 reasons why I LOVE mine!

1. Great Gas Milage
It's no secret that Honda's are known for being great on gas, but I still can't believe that my 8 year old car is STILL a saint with that!  

2. Reliability
As long as you keep up with maintenance like oil changes and routine inspections, a Honda is generally a reliable vehicle.  I can vouch for this as the only things I've needed in the past 8 years were brakes, tires, a fuse, and a new battery.

3. Easy Maintenance
The beauty of a Honda is that a lot of people are very familiar with them so it's easy to find someone to do maintenance on one.  And if you're a girl and you want an easy maintenance car for you to learn on, I definitely suggest a Honda.

4. Affordable Maintenance
When you do need a part or two to keep your Honda running sound, the parts are affordable, even the factory ones.  This also makes it easier and quicker to get the parts you need.

5. Ease of Parking
Mind you I have a compact car but it's still easy to parallel park or to fit into narrow spots.  I always feel like it's easy to see what's around me too.

6. Spacious Interior
I know there are some older models that may be small but for the most part, even though a Honda can look compact, I always find the interiors to be designed with the average person in mind.  I have no problems fitting in my car or fitting my luggage when travelling.  And passenger that sit in the back have never complained.

7. 93,000 and Counting...
Friends used to joke with me that "She won't even be broken in until 150,000 miles" but I really do believe that now.  My car currently has 93k miles and I am hoping to get 300,000 out of her, hehe!

8. Sporty and Stylish Look
My car has a nice sporty sleek look and that's one of the main reasons I fell in love with her on the lot.  I see some oddly shaped vehicles these days but I'm always impressed with the Honda's!

9. It's Fun to "Modify"
I used black plastidip to make the chrome trim on my car black. A harmless, cheap modification of her appearance, and I also purchased Civic Si Factory Wheels and plastidipped those black and put them on.   Nice and simple upgrade!

10. Great Customer Service
Everytime I take my car in for service, the people at Bobby Rahal Honda are excellent!   And I'm also impressed with the great communication that Honda has with their customers with updating us on recalls, etc.

11. Practical Thinking
One of the things that makes sense to me is to make a vehicle reliable by putting more practical parts under the hood.  And with my car, it has a timing chain not a belt, which has often snapped in older vehicles.  I mean, it makes WAY more sense to use something that is more reliable and longer lasting in the newer models...like the chain!

12. Honda Owners are Like Family
It's always fun to find something in common with other Honda owners like how much you love your Honda.  It feels like you're all one big happy Honda family!

13. Honda Always Tweets Me Back
This may be goofy but I love when I tweet something and mention Honda and they respond back!

14. POWER!
Don't let my little car fool you, she can accelerate in the blink of an eye when I need to merge onto the highway and avoid tractor trailers. 

15. They Hold Their Value
If you ever want to resell or trade in an older Honda, they tend to have a great resale value as long as you maintain them properly.  This makes a Honda an even more worthy investment that other vehicles.

I could keep going but I would never sleep!

Do you have a Honda?  What's your favorite thing about it?

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  1. OMG I could write a BOOK!!! I have had 4 cars (I didn't get my license til I was 27) and ALL were Hondas!
    THREE of the FOUR were Civics!
    My first Civic was in 1980, the little red, sporty Civic SI.....fabulous little car, handled FANTASTIC in snow. Kept it til it had 75,000 miles, sold it to a friend that worked at a gas station for $500 (BIG mistake!)
    Next...another red civic....had it a long time, sold it to my best friend's daughter for $2000 (also had that one til about 75,000 miles)
    In 2001 I bought a Civic EX ....THAT car was my baby. It was black.....had it til 2013........ready for this? When I traded it in it only had 20,000 miles and I had it approx 11-12 years! (I had lost my job so didn't drive as much). I cried like a baby when I traded that car in, I ADORED it...I miss it to this day. At the Honda dealership the sales reps were drooling over that car...I am sure that one of them ended up buying it.
    My current Honda is the Fit. I like it, but it isn't as good as the Civics are. I am currently leasing this one (owned all of the others). I desperately want to go back to a Civic but don't think I can get payments as low as they are for my Fit.
    My husband also has only had Hondas (Accords), he currently drives a gorgeous 2 dr coupe in metallic blue.
    We are a Honda family ALL the way!!!

    1. Ahhh I love this comment! That's how I feel about Cuppy, if I had to get rid of her I would be devastated and cry seriously lol! I dont know anyone else with a fit, so thats cool that u have one!!

  2. Hi there friends,

    Obviously you love your Honda Civic. It is in excellent condition. When mom was looking for a new car in 2006 she looked at Hondas and was impressed. However, the salespeople ignored her and didn't ask her if she wanted something. So she went over to Toyota. After a couple of days of thought she returned and purchased a Toyota Corolla. There has never been a problem with it. The Toyota has yet to go 150,000 km but we love it or I should say mom and dad love it....we tolerate it. MOL

    Shoko and Kali

  3. I have owned 3 Honda's and loved them all. My last Honda was a 2004 Civic Coupe. It was the only one that I purchased brand new, and I loved it to pieces. However, when I got married, I moved to a place with different terrain and not having 4 Wheel Drive was problematic.

    I had a friend visit from out of the country with her 6 month old. When I picked her up at the airport, it took us forever to figure out how to fit the stroller into my car (would not fit in the trunk) and getting the rear facing car seat in the back was hard, too. Seeing as I was expecting my first at the time, I realized I probably needed a different car. That is the ONLY reason I no longer have Georgia, as I affectionately called her.

    1. okay im really glad im not the only one that calls my car by its name lol :)

  4. Oh I love my honda civic too. I had a 2000 hunter green civic dx "Benny" and loved it. I totaled it a few years ago, and had it fixed cause I could not part with it. Eventually I felt it was time for an upgrade. Traded my green civic for a gray 2012 who I call Sherman. Love love love it!!! Fun fun fun to drive.

  5. I just traded in my British luxery car for a new civic exl with nav. Although the Honda does not have a cat on the hood, it has all off the goodies you would expect to only find from a car twice it's price.

    I have taken the car on several vacations over the summer, and found the fuel economy and comfort exquisite. When the car needed it's first service I could not believe how inexpensive it was. I used to pay over $250 for an oil change and with the civic I spent under $20.

    The Civic truley is the best valued (And in my opinion best looking) everyday car.

  6. Thank you! I have an '07 Civic(4 door, 5-speed transmission) that I wouldn't trade for anything. It's the most low-maintenance car I've ever owned, and it still gets 38 mpg. Also still has original factory tires(which I've rotated faithfully.)


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