Books I Recommend You Read [October]

Monday, October 28, 2019

Fall is a great time for reading because nothing feels better than curling up with an epic book. Check out my reads this month! 

My Life in Lists by Nicole Barlettano
This is an AWESOME book for people like me that are OBSESSED with planning, lists, and being organized in this way. It’s full of fun pages that ask you to make lists of certain things. Think of this as a LIST JOURNAL!!! It’s so fun!! You can track progress on certain things and set goals. Seriously, we all need to journal more, and this is perfect!!

Dear Wife by Kimberly Belle
This book was kind of like Gone Girl. A man's wife is missing, and it seems she's on the run and going under a different alias.  But what's REALLY going on... it's way more than you think. And it starts unfolding in a crazy quick way. Definitely a great read!
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Very Nice by Marcy Dermansky
This book was hilariously crazy. Rachel sleeps with her professor, who then sleeps with her mom who has slept with her dad that has left her for a woman he slept with.  Everyone is connected in a very very very crazy way and this book was not only entertaining but really got me into the plot. 

Seeking Slow by Melanie Barnes
This book is just what I needed at this time in my life. We are constantly rushing to do things and doing those things mindlessly. This book calmed me every time I opened it as I read about how to manage my time better, nurture myself more, make a slow home environment, and practice daily slow living rituals. Everyone could benefit from this book.  I can’t argue with a single suggestion the author made. This book has changed my life in the best way possible and my focus for the next few weeks is to stop rushing, live a slow life, and live more mindfully every day. 

The Divination Handbook by Liz Dean
This book is great!! It's all about divination with stuff like tarot, crystals, palmistry, scrying, and more.  There are times when it's believed you can part the veils between the realms and this book goes over how that's generally done.  It helps you decipher symbols and signs and understand messages.  If you have any interest in divination whatsoever, this is a great book to start with!  

Press Here! Massage for Beginners by Rachel Beider
This is a perfect book to help you learn about how stress affects your body physically and how you can help undo it.  A massage is such a great way to loosen up your body but this book really helps you understand how to receive AND give a massage.  Whether it's your back, neck, or feet, there are treatment plans included for a variety of conditions and the techniques are broken down and very easy to understand!!  

The Chakras Handbook by Athena Perrakis
I'm a longtime fan of Athena and this book is now on my top 10 list of books of all time.  It explains the nine major chakras and how they can affect your overall health and well being.  Then it goes over ways that the chakras have been and can be healed or worked on to balance you out as a whole.  There are meditations and journal exercises and instructions to create an altar and special incense blends for chakras.  A great place for anyone to start!


Art Makers: Polymer Clay for Beginners by Emily Chen
I have always wanted to start crafting with polymer clay but never knew where or how to start.  This book explains how to make basic and even impressive designs and how polymer clay dries without a kiln.  I love the mini food items you can make like macaroons!! 

Ultimate Soap Carving by Makiko Sone
Another awesome crafting book.  Soap carving IS A THING!  This book explains which soaps and knives work best and how to make designs like flowers and other fun accessories.  Plus, soaps are a great gift idea for the holidays so this one can make you save money and get crafty!

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