4 Top Benefits To Wearing A Hearing Aid

Monday, October 7, 2019


According to NIDCD, around only 30% of 70+ aged adults who would benefit from a hearing aid have actually used one. In the 20 to 69 age bracket, just 16% of adults who could benefit have used a hearing aid. Many people believe that hearing aids are useful only for the elderly or for those with severe hearing loss, but this is not the case.

Hearing aids are made up of a speaker, amplifier and a microphone. Sound is received via the microphone; the sound waves are then converted to electric signals and sent on to the amplifier. The amplifier functions to improve the power of the signals which are then sent through a speaker into the ear. There are plenty of benefits to wearing a hearing aid, let’s consider the top reasons to use one.

Improve your hearing

The most obvious benefit of wearing a hearing aid is, of course, to improve your hearing! Many people put up with a hearing problem because they dislike the idea of wearing the device. For those who are concerned due to cosmetic reasons, new hearing aids are small and discreet devices. You may only have slight hearing loss, but hearing conditions can worsen over time. For this reason, it's better to make an appointment with an audiologist sooner rather than later.

Reduce fatigue

When you have a hearing problem, you'll likely struggle to listen in crowds. You may find it hard to focus when there is too much background noise. Those with hearing problems may find that they frequently misunderstand people or confuse similar letter sounds. When you experience these symptoms, listening becomes difficult. You’ll be straining and having to focus more to follow a conversation. After a while, this predicament can take its toll on the brain, and you’ll find that you are more tired than usual. Using a hearing aid can lessen your problems and mean that you know longer experience fatigue from listening.

Improve cognitive health

Some studies have linked hearing loss to cognitive decline. If hearing loss is left untreated, your cognitive health may worsen. To keep your brain as healthy and active as it can be, it’s better to allow yourself to hear clearly with the use of a hearing aid. A noninvasive and straightforward test can determine the scale of your hearing loss. An audiologist can help you to learn more about the different types of hearing aids available.

Improve mental health

Hearing problems can be confusing and frustrating. Over time, those with hearing problems may feel stressed or run-down. When you invest in a hearing aid, you’ll have no more trouble hearing and so can fully relax! They’ll be no more stressful situations whereby you’re straining to listen, or asking people to repeat themselves. When you reduce your stress levels you’ll have increased energy and get a better night’s sleep.

There are a few signs that you might need a hearing aid. Perhaps your family are often complaining that you have the TV too loud? Or maybe you are struggling to understand people in crowds? You might frequently be mistaking similar sounds and phrases. Any of these signs means it could be time for you to get a hearing test.

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