The Legend of Mr. Ween Book Review

Friday, October 25, 2019

So I wanted to take a few minutes to tell you about an awesome book I read called The Legend of Mr. Ween by Daren Ross, and no there is no relation even though that's my brother's name. 

Taking place in 1905, I fell in love with the story of Hal who starts out looking for a job and a place to stay, and wonders why everyone in the town is so edgy.  He eventually notices some eerie things are happening and there are many ominous signs around him that are foreshadowing something to come. He begins staying with a Doctor who is interested in an elixir that’s being peddled around town and after some testing it seems to have some really dark and dangerous side effects. Hal keeps observing more and more chaos and pleads to the doctor to do something!  It turns out Hal is a peacemaker as the story goes on and they discover what seems to overpower the elixir and they go out seeking to find it. Can Hal save the town from whatever the heck is happening with whatever is in the elixir? 

The author does an awesome job of capturing the personality of the characters and made it easy for me to envision everything playing out as I read. It’s a somewhat spooky yet endearing story. I love how fearless and wise Hal is and his personality in the story is what kept me engrossed. I also like the unique and creative terminology throughout this story.  It’s a lovely little tale of how the month of October became so special thanks to a special guy named Hal Ween!

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