Efficient Ways to Keep Your Home Cool in Hot Weather

Thursday, October 3, 2019

As soon as the temperature outside starts to rise, your first instinct is probably to crank up the air conditioning. However, this strategy only raises your electric bill and causes you to lose precious power. There are much more cost-efficient ways to keep your home shielded from the hot weather. Here are some easy changes you can make to keep your living space nice and cool no matter how warm it is outside.

Install a Fan

Your air conditioning system is costly and a major electricity waster. Instead of relying on AC to get you through the heat wave, try using a ceiling fan. This option requires very little power and won’t cause your electricity bill to skyrocket. In addition, a ceiling fan installation Spokane is a much more environmentally friendly choice for your home. You can still cool off but in a healthier and more natural way when you run your fan.

Close Your Blinds

This extremely simple step can make a noticeable difference when it comes to keeping your home cool. The sunlight that comes through your windows makes up a large portion of the heat that fills your living space. To ward off this unnecessary heat, be sure to keep your blinds closed during the day, especially those on south-facing windows.

Turn Off the Oven

Just like sunlight, your oven adds a lot of unwanted heat to your space. It’s best to save oven-friendly meals for the winter and take advantage of your grill while the weather is still pleasant. From grilled chicken to corn on the cob, there are plenty of foods that you can whip up for a barbecue without ever touching your oven. Not only will you feel cooler, but you’ll also have a delicious feast to enjoy with family and friends.

Seal Gaps and Openings

It’s easy to spot the obvious sources of heat in your home, like the windows. However, there are many hidden culprits that you should take care of to keep your home safely sealed from the heat. Be sure to check door frames, crawl spaces and recessed lights for any signs of escaping heat. Covering up even the small gaps and openings can make a significant difference in the overall temperature of your home.
These simple tips can help you save money and energy while enjoying a cool home. Remember that even small changes can add up in the long run.

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