DIY Fall Decor Ideas

Monday, October 7, 2019

DIY Fall Decor Ideas

Fall is my favorite time of year but just like any season, the decorations available at local stores can suck the money out of your bank account REAL FAST so this year I wanted to share some ideas for DIY fall decor.  These ideas are things that should cost you little to nothing because you can find the items in nature and hopefully you have some extra paint or other supplies sitting around. 

Leaf Jars
This is super easy and it also makes a cool centerpiece.  Just take an empty jar with a lid and collect a bunch of colorful leaves from outside.  Stuff them in the jar so the colors show and VOILA!  You can also keep the lid off, and then have some leaves sticking out the top with a cinnamon stick or two. 
 Painted Stones
This is an easy crafty decor idea that can actually be done year round.  Just find smooth pebbles or stones in your area and paint them for the season.  Let them dry before handling them. s

Tablescapes are SO easy in the fall. You can seriously just walk around your neighborhood and collect pinecones, leaves, and acorns that you can use on your table for meals or on any end tables in your home.   It's fun to collect everything too! 

Pinecone Crafts
Pinecones can be used for pretty much anything and everything. You can put them in a jar, hang them as ornaments, or just paint them to display on different surfaces of your home.  Spray paint works best.  If you have a can laying around that you need to use up, here's your chance! 

With a little creativity and searching for the supplies you likely already own, you can make some really fun pieces of Fall Decor. Share what you've made in the comments below!

DIY Fall Decor Ideas

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  1. Thanks for sharing these idea.


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