How I Save Money in the Fall

Thursday, October 24, 2019

I'm all about saving money but I still like my little luxuries.  That's why Fall is a great time to save money AND still enjoy this colorful time of year.   So to help motivate others I wanted to share a few ways I save money in the Fall season. 

Less Laundry

Because I'm not sweating my butt off like I do in the Summer, I don't have to wash my clothes as often.  I can actually cut my laundry in half.   And because when it's cooler you can layer things, that means I can wear more sweaters, cardigans, etc. which I only wash every few wears.  This saves me electricity and water. 

Layering is great this time of year but also, when you do wash your clothing, hang them to dry outside in the crisp cool air.  They will smell sooooo good when you're done.  You can even just put a drying rack in your screened in porch or on your patio and do it that way. 

Less Showering
Since I once again sweat less in the Fall, my hair doesn't need washed as often so it actually saves me money not only on shampoo and conditioner but also on water.  Actually it saves me time too which is really nice! 

Nature walks, hiking, and visiting an orchard are free and the scenery is beautiful.  I always spend WAY less money on fun in the Fall because the beauty of nature is free whether it's in my backyard or a nearby park.  If you grow your own pumpkins you can even get THOSE for free!  There are seriously so many fun things to do that cost next to nothing.  Even running errands and taking the scenic route home is more fun because of all the beautiful colors of the tree leaves. 

You know what else is fun in the Fall? Baking things from scratch like pies and other baked goods.  You probably have everything you need for it in your own kitchen right now! 

Free Decor
Whether you already do this or not, using items you find in your own backyard is a great way to decorate your home without spending a fortune.  Take a bowl you already own and fill it with pine cones.  If you have extra spray paint or craft paint, decorate leaves, twigs, pine cones, and pumpkins and place them around your home. 

Free Food
So I looooove growing produce that does well in the Fall, especially lettuce and winter squash.  I will harvest all of my butternut squash and kale and then freeze it to use throughout the Winter.   This is also the time of year that neighbors tend to have an abundance of produce so they may want to gift you some or swap with you. 

Free A/C 
There are still days where it gets stuffy and warm in my home so I open the windows and I get a nice cool breeze FOR FREE without running my air conditioning.  Take advantage of this! And don't run the A/C ever, with your windows open! 

What do you do to save money this time of year?  


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  1. I use my woodstove for heating rather than turning on the furnace. I won't turn on the furnace until the temps are scary cold!!


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