4 Outfits Using Fall Colors

Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Fall is here! I love fall mainly because the colors are so gorgeous. The leaves, the pumpkins, the decor, and most of all the fashion have great colors that seem to complement every one.  So today I have 4 looks that showcase Fall colors.  

Golden Yellow 

I know people that love wearing golden yellow tops but I really love wearing it on the bottom.  It gives a GREAT pop of color.  You can mix it with other fall colors or just keep it toned down with neutrals.  

Speaking of yellow.... people always say it goes great with black and I did want to share one of my go to fall looks wearing black.....

Black Luana booties from Arcopedico and these Cindy Karen Havana Pleather Leggings are a great look when you want to wear black to embrace your dark side but still want comfort. These booties are like walking on clouds and are super breathable so they’re great even on warmer Fall days. And the leggings are so comfortable and breathable unlike any pair I’ve ever tried before! They are a great length and don’t restrict movement! 

Earthy Brown

Wearing a brown leather jacket is my signature style for fall especially because the brown is SUPER fall.  I like layering with scarves, button up blouses, and much more! Get creative with it! 
Navy Blue
Navy blue is great year round honestly.  I love it in the fall especially because it looks great with olive green like in the outfit above.  Plus, it's almost always in the color scheme of a plaid blanket scarf. 

Yes, orange, the color of pumpkins and leaves.  I don't own much orange but I do wear anything I have with even the smallest amount of orange in it whenever it's fall. 

What colors do you wear in the fall? 


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  1. Love the mustard yellow pants.



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