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Tuesday, April 20, 2021


When it comes to health and wellness it can seem like an overwhelming topic. How are you supposed to know how to take care of yourself and live your best life if you don’t even know where to begin with looking for advice and guidance? Today I’m here to share some great advice from Dr. Ryan Shelton, Zenith Labs Medical Research Director and most of the tips are things you can easily adapt to your everyday life. Here are some of my favorite bits of advice that should enlighten you about your health and wellness.

Dark Chocolate Has Many Benefits

There’s a lot of great reasons to enjoy dark chocolate and it’s not just because it tastes delicious. In fact, it can improve blood flow. This is partly because it has antioxidant effects and increasing nitric oxide levels which are good for dilating blood vessels and improving blood flow. In some studies, it’s even been found to reduce muscle and joint pain in athletes. More great news around dark chocolate is that it’s a rich source of bioactive compounds. One of those compounds can help you decrease your risk factors for cardiovascular disease. The polyphenols and flavonoids from cacao and dark chocolate have even shown in studies that they can help prevent damage to your cells. Finally, dark chocolate even improves tissue oxygenation which means it can improve blood flow throughout the body.

Green Tea Helps with Aging

Green tea contains an antioxidant that helps fight damage from UV rays. This is important since many of us have spent so much time in the sun in our lifetime so far. Green tea also contains other antioxidants that can combat the signs of aging which is why it’s a great idea to start your day with a cup of green tea in the morning as part of your morning routine.

You Can Detox with Plants

There are several herbal extracts that can help detoxify your body. Dandelion root extract helps reduce free radical damage, broccoli sprout extract has an antioxidant in it that’s been proven to boost the excretion of toxins by 61%, and green tea leaf extract can also help support your body’s own natural detox system.

Superfoods have SUPER Benefits

There are so many great options for superfoods that can help your body with what it needs on a regular basis. Lemons contain vitamin C and blueberries are rich in antioxidants. Enjoy lemon by adding some to your water throughout the day and snack on blueberries between meals or even enjoy them for dessert! Avocados are packed with omega 9 and who doesn’t love guacamole?! Salmon contains omega 3 and bone broth contains collagen. It’s always a good idea to fit superfoods into your weekly meal plan.

Don’t Forget Probiotics

Probiotics are so important because they are the organisms inside you that help maintain the correct balance of good bacteria in your gut. Your gut is so important to your overall health and your immune system. Fermented veggies are a great way to get probiotics and you can often support local farms and small businesses by purchasing them at your local farmer’s market.

Remember that taking care of your health is a big part of self-care and even if you feel overwhelmed, little changes can add up to a big difference over time.

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