Why Leaving Breathing Room is Important When Organizing

Wednesday, April 14, 2021


If you watched The Home Edit on Netflix last year you likely heard them talking about leaving breathing room when you arrange your space after decluttering.  There are several reasons why this is so important so I wanted to highlight them today so that you can keep this in mind anytime you declutter a space no matter how big or small.

 It leaves room for new things. 
Whenever you organize a spot you have to remember it may not always look this forever especially as things get taken out and used or disposed of and new items come in.  This is especially true with a pantry.  So when you are organizing your space, leave extra room.  This extra room can be for a higher number of the usual items you get (if you have to stock up for a special occasion, etc.) and it can also be because at the time you organize, you may not be  using seasonal things.  You have always have to think of the future when arranging things in an organized manner. 
It looks and feels better. 
Looking at a bunch of things stuffed into a storage container with absolutely no room to move can be stressful.  If you have a display shelf in your home and all of your items are squished on it together, it's harder to see and enjoy them and it makes it harder to clean.  Breathing room is open and free space and it can make storage areas feel and look bigger as well.  And who doesn't like an open and clean look. 
It forces you to cut down on what you keep. 
Sometimes we end up keeping things just because they fit in a certain storage place. So that's why it's important to remove everything when you're tidying an area of your home.  Then you can really go one by one to say "do I really want to put this back in there or can I get rid of it since I never ever use it?". 
Leaving breathing room is a game changer and if you don't believe me, I encourage you to try it in a single spot in your home and see how you like it. I promise you will! 

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