Instead Of Moderating Or Limiting Habits, Can You Improve Them?

Monday, April 19, 2021


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It’s not uncommon for many of us to have habits we would rather be rid of, or perhaps get control over. Yet sometimes, stopping cold turkey or making this into a worry we begin to pathologize about can’t be healthy, easy. Instead of moderating or limiting habits that we might not have had much success with in the past, can we improve them?

For instance, it might be that we love enjoying avocado toast in the morning, but to the point where we’re worried about how much bread we’re eating. Could it be that switching to wholemeal, or baking your own sourdough, or switching to fully vegan or low carb alternatives could be a good idea? As you can see, there’s always something out there that can minimize your worry, provided your habit isn’t something you need to be rid of for health reasons.

In this way, we can enjoy the indulgences we deserve to make use of in life without feeling as though it’s too much to ask to keep them around. Let’s consider what this may mean in the long run:

Make An Indulgence Into An Art

Making an indulgence into an art can also be a good use of your time. For instance, you might find that investing in the top copper mugs and learning to make complex cocktails they can handle beautifully (especially with little tiny parasols in them), is much better than just purchasing a bottle of a spirit and polishing that off with a friend. In this case, your make a craft, an art and a hobby out of an indulgence or habit, helping you enjoy it less frequently but with much more creative flair. That definitely helps you learn and understand the value of temperance.

Consider Social Alternatives

Considering social alternatives to your usual habits can be a good helper. For instance, instead of taking a week off the gym (which is a good idea anyway from time to time), you might say ‘right, let’s go camping this weekend instead!’ This way you can enjoy your lazing around but make an experience of it instead of sitting in front of Netflix all day that week and booking unnecessary time off work. This is highly context-dependent, but the principle is worth applying.

Switch Out For Substitutes

Of course, healthier substitutes are almost always out there should you seek them. For instance, you may find it instructive to switch out smoking cigarettes for vaping, at least as an intermediary step to help you fully quit. You may find that from time to time, you enjoy a greasy English breakfast, but perhaps you could switch out the bacon for vegan bacon to help it become a little less heart-pounding. Little moderations can add up to big moderations, while healthy alternatives can help us adapt to a new and better normal, at least for now. Don’t underestimate the power of that.

With this advice, we hope you can feel confident moderating or limiting habits, but also improving them too if necessary.

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