5 Home Office Ideas For Every Space And Budget

Wednesday, June 30, 2021


During the COVID pandemic, many companies implemented remote working as part of the efforts to stop the spread of the virus and keep businesses running as close to normal as possible. After the initial shock and learning curve, most industries realized that they could not only survive but thrive with a remote workforce. Employees too realized that there was more to life than the daily commute and the office cubicle.

Now that the country is opening back up, many companies are considering making remote hybrid working a permanent option, with large companies such as Facebook, Deloitte, and Spotify all changing their working cultures.

Working from home on a permanent basis means that the kitchen table may not be cutting it anymore. You’re going to need some kind of home office space that you can be productive in. But not everyone has a large budget or a lot of space to work with when it comes to building their home office space.

We’ve rounded up a range of options to suit every situation.
Small space

Sometimes, there isn’t a spare room or a lot of space and you have to make it with the corner of the lounge or the hallway. It’s still completely possible to make a space that’s your own.

There are many narrow desks you can buy that will fit into a corner or up against a wall. Or there are some that you can mount on the wall and drop down to use, folding it flat again when you’re finished for the day.

Writing bureaus can also be a good option. They are decorative, have storage, and don’t take up too much space.
Converting a spare room

A spare bedroom of small snug is ideal for a home office and will give you a greater level of privacy in which to do your work. If you’re going to be working from there full time, then push the boat out and completely redecorate or remodel it to suit your needs. Repair any walls, replace the flooring and get a window replacement contractor to fix any windows and frames so you have a good supply of fresh air.

Find some inspiration for decorating it too. There are a lot of examples on Pinterest of successful home office projects that you can channel for your own.

If the room has a dual purpose, such as a guest room, then look at clever furniture ideas such as sofa beds or desks that can be hidden away behind doors, etc.
Garage or attic conversion

You may not have a spare room that you can use, but there are sometimes other options in your house that could be perfect with a bit of renovation and some budget behind them.

The most popular spaces to convert are the attic, the basement, or the garage. All of these can be made into a spectacular space just for you. When planning the project, think about access, natural light sources, privacy and electricity, and the internet. Attic conversions can often be dark and pokey so budget for some integrated windows to open up space.

Some choose to convert their garage into an office. After all, most people don’t even keep their car in their garage anymore. A garage can be a good choice for a number of reasons. They are often out of the way of the house’s main living spaces, so you will have fewer interruptions during the day.

From a construction point of view, it can be a lot easier to convert a garage rather than build something from scratch. The foundations and structure will already be in place, meaning you won’t have to pay someone to do them again. A normal-sized garage is great for office space. If you have a double garage, you could convert half of it or the entire thing and create space for storage cupboards, utility rooms, or toilets.

When considering a garage conversion, call in a contractor early to check out your property and assess whether your existing garage is suitable for conversion.
House extension

Building an extension on your house can be the perfect solution to your space needs and is much cheaper than moving home. If you have space and the budget, you can have a bespoke space made just for you.

You don’t necessarily have to use the conversion as your office, the extension could let you reconfigure your living space to free up a room elsewhere. For example, an extension could convert your kitchen into a kitchen/diner and your existing dining room could become your new office.

This kind of renovation project is far more complicated and will need the involvement of architects and contractors. You may also need to get planning permission before you can start to build it and be subject to strict building regs.
Garden Office

The garden office industry has exploded over the last 18 months. Imagine a beautiful, modern glass office in your garden, where you can lock yourself away in professional surroundings and do your best work.

There are many different sizes and styles for your to choose from and they can be big enough to hold small meetings in. Imagine having no commute other than a trip across your garden. Much more than a basic garden shed, these are developed with modern materials and can even have power and internet installed.

Garden offices can also save you money compared to garage conversions or extensions. Add to this the amounts you’ll be saving on transport and buying your lunch every day and you’ll start seeing the benefits very soon.
The benefits of a home office

Having your own space to work in has a number of advantages. First of all, it gives you the room and resources you need to do your job. It’s also a lot easier to set boundaries between your work life and your private life if you can step out of your office and forget about it. Some people find it easy to work anywhere with distractions around them, but others don’t and need to feel that they have their own demarcated space.

You’ll also be able to put your own style stamp on your space, choose the colors, decorations and the furniture yourself to suit your taste. . No more boring corporate cubicles for you. Get those interior design magazines out.
Consider the implications to your property value

Home offices are sought after in today’s market. As more and more people work from their homes, they want to buy a property with the space to work. Having one already in place means they aren’t forced to imagine if they could potentially build an office there, it’s already done for them.

In most instances, a well-designed office will add value to your property and make it sell faster. However, when converting a garage, take into account the neighborhood’s parking situation. If you live in an area where parking is extremely limited, then converting your garage might not add value to your home and could even negatively affect it. If you have a drive or off-street parking then it is not as much of a risk as there is still somewhere for residents to park.
Other considerations for your home office

You’re going to be working for hours at a time in your office, so you will want to put some thought into the features it will need. First of all, privacy is important. Having a door and some soundproofing will keep out the sounds of the household around you.

Have plenty of electrical outlets around the area so you can plugin chargers, phones and laptops, etc.

Lighting is also very important. Natural lighting is important for keeping you alert and topping up your vitamin D levels, it will also reduce the risk of eye strain. For those times that you’re working late, or it’s dull outside, good artificial lighting and lamps provide the perfect light to work from.

Internet access. You aren’t going to get far without a good internet connection to do your work. If you’re fighting for bandwidth with the rest of the household, then you may struggle to get the connection speed you need. Either upgrade your broadband connection or have on installed just for you.

The two most important pieces of furniture you buy will be your desk and chair. Getting these right plays a big part in your overall ability to work. Having an uncomfortable chair can bring with its neck and back pain which can lead to having to seel medical treatment. So put as much thought into these items as you do into anything else.
Final thoughts

If you’re ready to get serious about working from home, then your home office is going to be top of your priority list. But not everyone has the same amount of space or budget to create theirs. With some creativity and clever furniture, you can still create your own working area in even the smallest of spaces and still get the job done.

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