How I'm Finding Joy in Everyday Life

Monday, January 4, 2021

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The last year has been an interesting one but out of it came many new and beneficial habits I started doing. I do these things to nourish my mind, body, and soul and to keep myself on a good path moving forward no matter what the future may bring.  I wanted to share these things I do in hopes that I can inspire you to create some regular good habits as part of your routine.

Mindful Snacking
I used to snack so mindlessly, usually while I sat and stared at the TV.  It caused me to eat and eat so much that I knew it was a habit I had to change.  Mindfully snacking brings me lots of joy. It causes me to slow down and enjoy what I'm putting into my body and it's made me more selective with what I choose to put into my body. One of my favorite snacks everyday are HORMEL HAPPY LITTLE PLANTS Protein Puffs.   These are so delicious and packed with protein which is important since I try to be active every single day and my body needs fuel to do that.
These Protein Puffs are what I really enjoy snacking on between meals.  They have different flavors and even a Cinnamon Sugar dessert flavor which I like to have as my dessert in the evenings.  I like the Ranch and Nacho Cheese for my morning and afternoon snack which also is a good pick me up during the work day.  I love that they're also made from plants because I have been working on choosing more plant-based diet options in my daily life. I am adding more vegetables and plant based foods into my dinners as well which saves me money and makes me feel super good knowing that I am nourishing my body with the right ingredients in my diet.

I used to struggle to find time each day to write in a journal so I began to add it onto my daily task list.  Even if it's just for a five minutes, or for twenty minutes, I make sure to journal everyday.  I even got a book called Soul Therapy which has a journal prompt and space to write for every day of the year.  Writing everyday makes me slow down and be mindful and focused and it also gives me an excuse for some alone time even during the most chaotic of days.  
Journaling is definitely a mindfulness practice for me since I don't do well with sitting quietly and meditating.  It's like a chance for me to dump my thoughts whether it's for the prompt of the day or just things that I have been thinking about lately.  It's definitely a therapeutic practice that brings me lots of joy and makes me feel accomplished and refreshed once I'm done.  
Sometimes I look for extra journal prompts online and I find that it really helps me to stick to this habit when I'm lacking creativity or I am stubborn and don't want to write anything for the day.  As a blogger, writing is important and I like to practice it as often as I can even if it's not for a blog post.  On that same note, I like to do arts and crafts in my free time which is another great outlet for my creativity and it's a great mindless activity.  I can paint while I think about my day and decompress in the evenings.  

Staying Active
I've been very strict with keeping myself moving during the day by taking three half hour brisk walks when I can.  If the weather is bad, I stay home and use the elliptical, and if I have no motivation, I push myself hard to lift weights or do any other kind of physical activity I can.  I feel anxious and bummed out if I don't stay active because when I'm more active, I feel refreshed and motivated throughout the day.  It's a great outlet for my frustrations at work and even just to get myself outside and get some fresh air.  

I started listening to music on my walks and during my workouts and it really helps me to just zone out and enjoy myself.  I find that I walk to the beat of my favorite songs with energy and enthusiasm.  It's quite literally my way of blowing off steam and it obviously has it's benefits with my weight loss journey.   I get really happy when I notice neat things outside in nature as I walk, especially if I take a nature walk on a local trail.  There's so much to see even in the Winter and I feel grateful for giving myself the chance to notice the beauty of nature in my everyday life. 
These are just some of the small habits I started doing everyday to find joy.  The feeling of joy comes from accomplishing things, finding outlets for stress, and nourishing my body with delicious food and snacks.  Even if you just start with one new habit a month, commit to it and focus on incorporating it in your everyday life until it becomes something you look forward to doing.  
What are some ways you have found joy in everyday life? 

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