Our Kitchen Makeover

Monday, February 15, 2021


So we have some exciting news! We FINALLY had our kitchen redone.  Rather than have a big company come in and do it, we found a guy through a close friend and he worked with my husband on the whole thing.  My husband installed the drawers and doors and repainted the bones after they were delivered cut and painted.   And after a few more weeks we had our new countertop delivered and I am in LOVE!

 Here is our new kitchen! 

Here was when we were in the home stretch just waiting for our countertop to come in. That blue countertop had to go.  

Here is what our kitchen looked like when we moved in.  Since we moved in in 2015 we have made our kitchen over with new flooring, new appliances, and now the cupboards and counter top.

Here are some more in progress photos. I was so stressed having things out of place.  It was brutal for someone like me that can not stand chaos.

We have come a long way. 
So again our improvements were: 
New flooring
New appliances
Repainted the cupboards
New sink
New countertop
New cupboard faces
What do you guys think?!

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  1. Your kicthen look so much bigger now.


  2. thanks for sharing the tips about kitchen makeover. keep the work up.

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