Winterize Your Outdoor Living Spaces

Monday, November 1, 2021


 As the weather gets cooler and the seasons change, it's always a good item to do a final clean up of your outdoor living spaces like porches and patios.  This can ensure that the items you normally have out there are protected and safe for the cold weather months.  Here's some tips to winterize your outdoor living spaces.

Remove What Can't Survive Winter
Plants, soft materials, wooden decor, and other types of items can't always weather the storm (literally) of the cold weather months.  Anything that can get damaged in the cold or the elements should be moved inside under cover.  If you have covers for your furniture, use them!  Some items can survive just fine but the wetness can be a pain.  If you have area rugs on a patio, debris and moisture can get stuck under them, creating mold and mildew, so it's a good idea to remove things like that.
Do a Thorough Purge
This is also the time to go through and discard anything you don't want for next year like broken items, or even items you can sew and repair for next year.  When's the last time you purged through your garden supplies or flower pots?  
Do a Deep Clean
Now is the time to launder pillows, blankets, etc.  You should also wipe down all of your furniture and vacuum high and low.  If you have a porch, it's time to remove cobwebs from every corner of it.  Hose down what can  be washed with water and tighten screws on furniture.  

Tend to Plants
If you have perennials it's time to clean them up whether they are along a border or in pots.  If you have plants you want to save till next year, make sure they're moved inside to a garage, basement, etc.  

Make a List for Next Year
If you have items that need replaced, it can be hard to find new things in the off season so keep a running list of things to get for next year.  Over the winter months you can keep your eyes peeled for items that need replaced on Marketplace, thrift stores, etc.
Winterizing outdoor spaces makes it that much easier to resume enjoying them when the weather is nice again in a few months.  You won't have to deep clean as much and you can have fun redecorating and setting up your favorite outdoor living areas. 
Have you winterized your outdoor living spaces yet?

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