Work Appropriate Holiday Gift Ideas

Monday, November 29, 2021


We are gearing up for the holiday season and that means work gatherings, parties, and gift exchanges.  One thing that a lot of people struggle with this time of year is how to find a work appropriate gift idea for their office parties.  Today, I'm giving you some suggestions that are appropriate for the workplace, and can be fun OR functional.

 A Blanket
A blanket is always a win win.  Someone could always use a nice blanket for home or even in the office to keep warm.  These also are a great idea because they look exciting with their big size when wrapped. 
Desktop organizers
It can be a pencil holder, a storage bin, or anything else, really.  Everyone's desk can always use some extra storage and most of the time the selection we can purchase through our office supply contract aren't as pretty as the ones you can buy for a few bucks at HomeGoods. 
Gift Card
You can never go wrong with a gift card and it adds to the fun of a gift exchange if others can steal it and keep the exchange going for many more rounds. 
Picture Frames and Candles
These are things that work great because they can actually be used OR regifted in next year's game.  Sometimes all you need is an empty picture frame to remind you to add a photo to your gallery wall at home.  Or if you aren't a fan of candles or frames, just set it aside for another opportunity to gift it. 
Winter Accessories
No one will be made about a scarf or gloves (in a neutral color) when they're walking into the office from their parking garage.  Whether it's a scarf, hat, gloves, or even just fuzzy socks, these things are cozy AND cute. 
Small Electronics
Drug stores often have great small electronic gifts that are inexpensive and very practical.  It can be a personal humidifier for a desk, a desk fan, a tea mug warmer, or even a charging brick so your colleague that receives it can charge their phone AND Kindle while in the office.  
Food allergies aside, homemade baked goods or even a box of gourmet chocolates is always a winner.  Most people feel guilty buying stuff like that for themselves so when in doubt, food is a great idea.  If you have someone with an allergy in your office you can look for allergy friendly offerings!  

These are just a few ideas to get your juices flowing. Which is your favorite?

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