Should you keep or cut the cord on your cable bill?

Wednesday, November 17, 2021


Cable bills are known to get high and mess with our budgets. So many people stress over it and end up cutting the cord and regretting it or they cut the cord and come up with alternatives that still add up pretty high each month. So what to do?

Evaluate Your Needs
We do have a cable bill because we love watching things in real time as part of our nightly routine before bed.  Our cable package is affordable and gives us all the channels we love and watch regularly.  Some people never watch live tv and if that’s the case with you, cancelling cable may save you a ton of money! 

Know the Alternatives
There are a wide variety of options if you don’t want to go for a cable package. There are so many streaming apps now like Hulu, Prime, Netflix, Peacock, Discovery +, and more. Do your research on each app and what it offers and ask yourself if it would be worth investing in. Be careful because multiple apps and streaming services can add up quickly. For us, we have Netflix and Amazon Prime. I tried a free trial of Hulu but didn’t find anything to keep me hooked after the trial ended.  Between our two streaming services and our cable package we have all we need. 

Know that Cable isn’t Necessary
We live in very modern times right now. If there’s breaking news it’s easy to find live coverage on a news outlets live stream or social media pages.  If you’re concerned about missing stuff like that, don’t be. You can always find a way around it so you still get what you need without the high cost.

Negotiate Your Bill
So I’ve been doing this for my cable bill for years and years. Every two years I start a customer service chat asking my provider if I can get a better deal (since prices seem to go up after 2 years) while keeping the same services. At first they always get and offer me a bonus for an added cost but I decline and reiterate my need to keep my current package without the price going up. I always get a response telling me that they suddenly found a way to let that happen! Of course they did, eye roll! But the fact of the matter is by telling them I’m happy and want to remain a loyal customer, they work with me because they know it’ll likely keep me for atleast another two years. I love to do this over chat because it gives me more time to respond without being put on the spot like I would be over a phone call. 

Remember that if you have relatives you can often share streaming services with each other by sharing logins. Make sure you trust each other mutually before agreeing to this of course! 

Moral of the story is there is always a way to get what you need in an affordable way to make it a habit to review your needs and negotiate, cancel, or subscribe to different services every year or so. 

How do you save money on cable?  

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