Is There Such A Thing As Dog Friendly Decor?

Friday, November 26, 2021


As all loving dog owners know, four-legged additions can really help a home come into its home with their wagging welcomes and enthusiastic fun. Unfortunately, homeowners with one or more dogs also often find that they have to compromise on certain decor benefits, including unchewed floors and scratch-free furniture, to enjoy the plus-points that dogs can bring.

But, what if we were to tell you that dog ownership and a great home finish needn’t be exclusive? After all, plenty of dog owners manage to get their homes picture perfect and always ready to go. How do they do it, you ask? Through carefully implemented dog-friendly decor!

We know what you’re thinking – is dog decor even a thing? Increasingly, yes, especially as our love for calming pets in the home just keeps on growing. The real question is, how can you make doggy decor work for you? Keep on reading to find out!

Image by Robert Larsson: CC0 License

Step 1: Invest in fur-free upholstery

You know that sinking feeling when guests stand up and you see the backs of their legs covered in dog fluff? Or, perhaps you’ve sworn off wearing black trousers ever since you welcomed your four-legged friend home. It’s by no means the biggest inconvenience in the world, but it sure would be nice to be able to leave the house again without hunting for your clothes brush.

Of course, some dog owners get around this setback by simply making the sofa a no-dog zone but, as well as preventing the best cuddles, these strict measures aren’t going to prevent flying fur from finding its way where you don’t want it. Instead, your best defense is to invest in upholstery that’s guaranteed to remain fur-free. Leather is perhaps the best option here but can fall foul to sharp claws meaning that, often, you’d be better off with high-quality synthetic fibers like microfiber. You should certainly steer clear of materials that actually attract fur, including velvet and corduroy.

Step 2: Floors that stand the test of claws

Even if you keep your dog’s claws trimmed, carpet, particularly of the woven variety, can quickly become snagged, chewed, and otherwise compromised. Not to mention that, unless you get the carpet cleaner out every single day, the chances are that light-colored carpets, especially, will start to look a little sorry for themselves and get a little smelly.

Hence why dog-friendly decor also requires you to opt for flooring choices that stand the test of claws. Unfortunately, despite seeming like an affordable and viable option, linoleum that can be lifted and chewed at the corners doesn’t meet this requirement. Instead, it’s worth either investing in treated wood or opting for more affordable but equally sustainable options, such as luxury vinyl plank flooring. As well as being generally more resistant to even multiple sets of claws running around for hours on end, these flooring alternatives can be wiped down in seconds, ensuring a sleek home finish that even saves you from that doggy smell!


Image by Ana Martin: CC0 License

Step 3: A layout that lets play loose

Happy dogs need space to play, and let’s be honest there’s nothing better than those crazy moments where dogs run around and around in excitement. BUT, it’s not so great when this madness happens in your chill zone or, nowadays, in your work-from-home space. Even excitable dogs in the kitchen could quickly result in some nasty accidents! To avoid all of that, consider play within your layout itself, thus better ensuring decor that keeps every member of the family happy.

For one thing, clear and designated play spaces can help your dogs have fun without seeing them straying into parts of the house you'd rather keep clear. Carefully arranging your furniture (e.g. sofas spread far apart to provide plenty of running space in the middle of the room) can be a huge help in achieving this. Equally, keeping clear storage spaces for your dog’s toys in these areas, or even placing a rug here to tempt your dogs to spend more time in this area, can all help to ensure everyone gets that message. Then, you can finally watch the dogs playing without worrying about the damage they might do to your decor overall.

Your dogs are as much a part of the family as anyone, meaning that scratched upholstery and furry furniture is a small price to pay in the grand scheme of things. That said, it is possible to have the best of both worlds, and these dog-friendly decor tips can make it possible. 

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