How To Keep Up With Your Fitness in the Fall

Monday, November 22, 2021


Fall is a great time of year! In fact it's my favorite time of year, and for so many reasons.  The weather is cooler, but the sun still shines.  The bugs go away and the beautiful Fall colors come out in the leaves.  Fall blooms are so beautiful and are great to decorate with.  But with Fall comes some challenges like kids being back in school, chores around the house and yard to prepare for Winter, hectic Holiday schedules, and struggling to eat right with all the temptations.

So how can you keep up with your fitness in the Fall with all those things going on?  Whether you are actively working on a fitness and health goal, or just trying to stay active 365 days a year, here are some tips to keep up with your fitness this time of year. 
Continue Enjoying the Outdoors
Just because the days are shorter and the weather is cooler doesn't mean you can't take advantage of it.  Look at it this way, it's easier to stay cool while jogging, walking, or working outside when you have a cool breeze and no humidity.  You can of course wear long pants or a light jacket, but you don't have to.  It's so much easier to stay active outdoors when it's nicer weather and you have less harsh sun, meaning you will sweat less! 
Another great way to enjoy the outdoors is to go on hikes or walking on wooded trails so you can enjoy the sights and smells of Fall AND get your daily workout in.  There are plenty of Fall activities to keep you active as well like corn mazes and picking apples from orchards.
You Can Set Goals for Spring
If you do have fitness or health goals like losing weight, toning up, or training for races, you have plenty of time to do them and it fills the time during the Fall and Winter months when you can't always enjoy the outdoors as much as in the warmer months. 
Fall Fitness Fashion is Adorable
Personally, I love the different leggings and yoga pants out there and Fall is the time of year to wear them.  You can style your activewear and wear it all day every day if you want.  It's much more flattering than bike shorts! 
Allow Yourself Interruptions
There will be times in the holiday season where you can't stick with your everyday fitness routine, and that's okay. Allow time to enjoy things like time with Family, and don't forbid yourself from enjoying any Holiday foods. Just  limit how much you eat of certain things. If you know it won't make you feel good physically and mentally, don't eat it. 

Workout Indoors
If you don't want to deal with the lack of sunlight in the Fall, consider moving your workout indoors.  You can try yoga, weight activities, and cardio without an enormous gym setup.  
These are just a few ways you can keep up with your fitness in the Fall. Just remember, a routine can be modified throughout the year so don't get too stuck in your ways and allow for flexibility this time of year and beyond! 

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