How To Create Your Own "Chill Zone" in Your Home

Wednesday, November 10, 2021


Sometimes we need a break and a little escape, even within our own home. Depending on what’s going on in your life and the space you have, there are several different ways to do that. I created my own chill zone a few years ago in our spare bedroom. After realizing we never have guests spend the night, I got rid of the bed and relaxed it with a sleeper couch and began making it my own little zone. Today I’m going to tell you how you can do the same.

Find a spot
First find a spot whether it’s outside in a porch, in your loft, an unused nook, an extra walk in closet, a spare room, an empty corner of a room, or whatever you can find.  

Pick your purpose
Is this spot going to be for meditation, reading, napping, or just existing? Knowing what you plan to do in this spot will help you design and set it up. 

Furnish it
Based on what you’re using it for, now you can furnish it. Think of anything you’d like to have in it like a bookshelf for books, a chaise lounge to nap, or a yoga mat to stretch. You don’t need to go buy anything knew- feel free to get creative. Stack your books in a beautiful design instead of buying a new bookshelf. Move existing furniture in from another area in your house. Include rugs, pillows, blankets, tables, and chairs. Get creative. Instead of standard furniture, floor poufs would work great in a zen room.

Decorate it
Now it’s time for the fun. Decorate your area with things that make you happy and put you in the mood that your zone is designed for. It can be artwork, wall decor, special books, favorite colors, or virtually anything! 

Set up privacy 
Make sure your area allows you some privacy so you can actually enjoy it. Whether it’s keeping the kids out, or avoiding neighbors from your porch, use a privacy screen, curtains, beads, or whatever works for you. 

Having your own little chill spot is so amazing for your mental health. Hopefully you are able to set up a special zone of your own. If you already have one - tell me about it below!

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