4 Reasons You Are Struggling To Drift Off Each Night

Friday, January 28, 2022

Are you having trouble drifting off to sleep each night? This is a common occurrence and it is thought that around a third of the population suffers from some sort of insomnia. The world is such a busy place nowadays and there is always something going on that messes with your sleep. However, sleep is paramount to your health and wellbeing. If you are not getting the recommended eight hours each night then you can end up feeling tired, confused, and easily aggravated.

Here are four reasons you may not be able to drift off each night?

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If you are highly stressed then your mind won’t be able to wind down in time for your bedtime. This is a problem as you won’t be getting good quality sleep or hitting the REM stage which is what the body needs to feel fresh and awake the next morning. Stress could be due to work or even home life, figuring out where it is coming from is the first step to solving your sleep problems.


If your mattress is bad quality or old then this can severely impact your sleep. Your mattress needs to be replaced every eight years, however, the average is around ten years. The reason for this is that you would have slept on your mattress for more than 27,000 hours by the end of its life. Over time they can dip and this causes you to sleep at weird angles, causing you to wake up with regular aches and pains.

When shopping around for a new one make sure you do your research and get from a reputable seller. A mattress is something you don’t want to scrimp on as it is something that gets used over and over. You could use the Sleep Shop picks for firmer options if you are a side or front sleeper.

Sleep Habits

Your own sleep habits can impair your ability to sleep at night. If you come in from school or work and take a nap then this will shift your bedtime later and later. This can cause you to feel tired and restless the next day. The problem with this is you can end up getting into a vicious cycle of feeling tired and napping during the day. Try to avoid a nap in the afternoon so you can fit in eight hours of solid sleep at night.


Exercise is a major thing that can keep you awake well past your bedtime. Unfortunately, if you exercise at night then the happy hormones serotonin and endorphins will be coursing around your body keeping you awake. It is best to exercise either in the morning or early evening. Never exercise just before bed as it will take your mind and body ages to wind back down. You could try going for a lovely casual stroll before bed, this will help you to relax and forget about all today’s problems.

We hope you found this article enjoyable to read and it helped you out with reasons you may not be sleeping as well as you’d hoped.

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