Organizing Tips to Try this Year

Monday, January 24, 2022


 I love organizing and every year after the holidays I feel the most motivated to take a look at my current methods and see what I can do different.  Now that the excessive decor and "stuff" that comes from the holidays is out of the way, now's a great time to try some of these organizing tips.

1. Use what you have.
Look around in your storage areas and see if you have empty boxes, empty bins, or empty baskets.  These are all great items to use to corral your stuff, whether it's on display in a pretty basket, or tucked away in a closet in an empty shoebox.  Instead of going out and spending money on new stuff, use what you already have.  Baskets are my favorite for storing blankets and pillows because you can leave them on display and it basically just adds to the decor of a room. 
2. Use clear lidded containers for pantries.
Now is the time to give your pantry a makeover.   Clear containers with lids are perfect for the pantry because you can see how much is in each container and you can get creative with your labels!  If you need the nutrition info from something that's being poured into the container, cut it out and tape it to one of the sides of the container.  
3. Use empty small boxes for drawers.
Desk drawers can get super messy so I always keep the tiny boxes and containers that jewelry and other tiny household items come in.  They work great in drawers and if you are concerned with how it looks....don't be.  No one sees your drawers except you! 
4. Use candle jars for bathroom storage. 
Those candles you got over the holidays...if they come in a glass jar, it's perfect to use as bathroom storage.  When your candle is done, heat some water on the stove so it's boiling. Pour it into the jar, and then let it sit and cool.  It will make all remaining wax float to the top so you can remove it and peel off the candle's label.  I use mine for cotton swaps, cotton rounds, floss, toothpicks, etc.  
5. Try new folding methods for your dresser.
There are plenty of different ways to fold clothing and if you have drawers that are pretty full, consider using a different method like the KonMari method of folding.  Consider hanging certain things as well to free up some room. 
What organizing tips will you try this year?

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  1. We have been using what we have and it has made such a huge difference.


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