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Monday, January 31, 2022


I have this little tradition I made up for myself about 5 years ago where I take a jar and make a label for it that says Good Moments Jar.  That entire year I write down on a small piece of paper anything good that happens and toss it in the jar.  My tradition is that on New Year's Eve at the end of the year, I sit down, dump out all my good moments, and read over them one by one. Here's why you should try out my little tradition!

It's a Daily and Yearly Gratitude Practice
Doing this however often a good moment happens, keeps me in a positive mindset where I focus on good things.  There are times when I look at my jar and wonder if I have a good moment to add.  This then causes me to think back over the last few days to any moment that I consider good, no matter how big or small.  And then looking through them at the end of the year makes me realize that I had a really great year.  A lot of the times I don't even remember certain moments until I read them.  
It Starts a Fun Tradition to Pass On
If you have kids, this is a great tradition to have them start as well.  Help them make their own jar and explain to them how it works.  When they see you adding things to your jar, it can motivate them to do the same. 
It Reminds Me to Look for the Good
There are times when I notice my jar looks empty and I sit back and really start thinking of some good things to add to it.  Sometimes if I have a really rough week, I actually reflect on lessons that come from the bad and I add those.   

It Gets Me Writing
Journaling is something most of us do in our younger years, but we tend to stop as we age and life gets busier and more full.  So maybe this isn't the same as writing an entire page in a journal, but it basically mimics a gratitude journal, and it gets you into the habit of taking some moments to reflect and write. 

It Shows Me It WAS A Good Year
We tend to say "Oh man, I can't wait for this year to end!" but we seem to forget that this year was still filled with many good times.  Instead of wishing your life away, year after year, this practice is a great way to start realizing that life is full of good and bad, and the good should still be celebrated, despite all the bad. 

Are you going to start a Good Moments Jar?

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