5 Techniques To Improve Your Customer Experience

Friday, January 7, 2022



Unless your customers have a great experience they are unlikely to remain loyal to your brand. Customer experience includes so many different things, it encompasses every interaction with your company, whether it’s sales calls, or comments on social media. From chatbots to unboxing, you need to show your customer quality every step of the way.

1 . Customer service training

If you’re keen to improve the customer experience you should provide your customer service staff with plenty of training. Satisfied customers will tell lots of people about your brand, but if they aren’t happy they’ll be quick to voice this on social media. Unless your staff are up to scratch you’ll compromise the customer experience and damage your reputation. When you provide your staff with the tools they need to succeed you’ll benefit from happier and more productive employees.

2. Improve your website

To impress your customers you’ll need to ensure that you have a great website. Your website should be optimized for mobile and for speed. Your visitors should be able to browse your site easily, finding everything that they need. For some general tips to improve your website, keep the following in mind:

Include video content and engaging visuals.
Use chatbots to enhance the service experience.
Utilize customer feedback to make improvements.
Provide creative content to educate your visitors.
Business tools like heat mapping software can help you to improve your site.

3. Offer extra value

To provide a standout customer service experience you need to offer extra value. You might do this by hosting events, webinars, or in-store workshops. Perhaps you’d like to create a podcast or invite your customers to offer new product ideas? Brands that collaborate with customers can boost brand loyalty and take their business to new heights. Marketing gives you many different ways to offer extra value including:

Run social media competitions.
Create employee-generated content.
Showcase your brand story using AR.
4. Make unboxing memorable

Perhaps you don’t have a brick-and-mortar store? If that’s the case you’ll need to ensure that the unboxing experience is super memorable. So what does unboxing mean? Essentially, unboxing refers to the moment that your customer receives their product and opens it. You could ensure that your packaging is perfectly in-line with your branding. Opening up the product should feel special, just like opening a gift.

5. Streamlined processes

If you’re serious about improving CX you’ll need to provide your customers with a streamlined experience. Everything about your purchasing process should be quick and easy from your payment options to your delivery tracking. Whether you use portable credit card machines or mobile payment options, all processes should be simple and efficient. Social commerce is another great way to offer a streamlined shopping experience. Your web visitors can make their purchases quickly, without ever leaving the app.

Using these five techniques you’ll improve CX and boost customer loyalty at the same time. You’ve got plenty of competitors which is why it’s important to have all bases covered.

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