Decorating Your Home for Winter

Monday, January 17, 2022


Now is that awkward time of year where the holidays are over, and you put your decor away and then you're left with the same old same old.  But Winter is a season in itself and it's a great excuse to decorate your home for it since there's still a few more months till Spring is here.  Here's some ways to decorate your home for Winter.

Add coziness
This can mean more blankets, fluffier throw pillows, and even candles!  Not only are these cute but they are functional and will make you feel cozy on an everyday basis.  It's cold outside, so bring the warmth inside. 
Use outdoor accents
If you find pine cones on your daily walks, bring the in and put them in a dish as a centerpiece.  Cut some fresh holly or greenery from your evergreen trees and put it in a vase on an end table.  It smells great and makes being cooped up inside the house more enjoyable. 
Go with bright colors
The outside might be drab and dreary, but you can use bright colors to spice up your living area.  Use fun pops of colors like bright pink or teal and add in some great patterns like big polka dots or black and white stripes. 
Take and hang winter photos
You know how beautiful a simple tree can look covered in snow? Take a photo of it! Print it on canvas or as a regular photo and frame it.  Decorate different areas of your home with beautiful Winter scenes.  It makes this season much more enjoyable, I promise.  

Add lights
It can be dark so much in the Winter that adding fairy lights to a room or even stringing lights on a tall houseplant can really add some glow and warmth to your home.  I like to take faux candles (battery operated) and place the in different areas of my house in the Winter.  It adds more light, obviously, but it also sets a great ambiance on a night where it's snowing and you're settling in for the night. 

Don't forget texture
I love playing with textures, and I do it often. Layer a couch with fuzzy blankets and furry throw pillows.  Add a lacy table cloth to your everyday dining room table.  Use knitted pieces and even crochet wall hangings. These things all add texture to your home and can give it more dimension when you first walk in a room.

Rearrange things
If you're bored with your same old set up, now is a great time to change things. Move furniture around, add or upgrade end tables and other accent furniture in your home, and have fun with it.  You may find you like it so much, you keep it like this for years to come.
How do you decorate your home in the Winter?

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