Recycle Old Fashion Magazines AND Decorate Your Closet

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I get a ton of magazines in the mail each month, everything from Cosmo to Allure and Nylon to Glamour!  They are thick and bulky and take up room and after a year you have way more than you need.  I do share my magazines with friends and coworkers but in the end, they come back to me, and I find myself wondering what to with them.  Their are some inspirational outfits and pictures in each magazine that I really hate to just toss out.

So one day I went to the Dollar Tree and I picked up some cheap Purple and Pink posterboard and some glue sticks!

I went home and began tearing and cutting my favorite pictures, outfits, accessories, and phrases from all the magazines and I ended up making them into two collages.

After I was done, I asked myself, where in the heck am I going to put these? It'll look so tacky in my living room.  Then it hit me (DUH), when I'm standing in my closet everyday wondering what to wear and what looks good with what, I can make it much easier for myself by posting my collages all over my closet.  I have a walk in closet so I have some room for things on the wall.  This way, I can get some great inspiration for styles and outfits each day!

Give it a try and if you do, send me your collage pictures!!!

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