What's in Sarah's Bag?

Monday, October 10, 2011

Like many women, I have several different handbags.  I have a few classics that only come out for special occasions (my white bucket Louis Vuitton) and others that get beat up every day, like my Coach handbag.  I bought it 2-3 years ago from the Coach Outlet store and saved over 60% on it!  Once I had my daughter, my days of cute little purses were gone.  Not wanting to carry a diaper bag and I purse, I sucked it up and starting buying bigger purses! 

So what’s in my bag?  Let’s see….
·       About 7 different pens.  I’m very particular about my pens and don’t like using other peoples!
·       My wallet from Handpicked.  I love this wallet.  I can fit all my bank cards, loyalty cards and other items in this wallet with it snapping shut. 
·       My iPod.  Well, actually it was my iPod but now my daughter has claimed it.  I use it as a last resort when we’re having melt downs out in public.  Most of the time it works…
·       A container of goldfish.  I never know when my two year old will need or snack or for that matter, when I will.
·       Random things I need to give to people the next time I see them.  This time its thank you cards.
·       My jewelry bag.  You never know when you need to change accessories.  J
·       Sunscreen.  I am a sunscreen fanatic and have made my daughter one.
·       My camera because you never know when a Kodak moment will occur.
·       Pony tail holders.  These things come in handy for a variety of uses.  Most recently to keep my sandal from falling off (long story…). J

About Sarah:
I recently left the corporate world and am now a SAHM to my 2-year old daughter.  In between blogging at East9thStreet and attending graduate school, I’m also the lead organizer of a Moms playgroup.   I love Iowa Hawkeye football (even this year) and you’ll never find me without a diet pop in my hand.

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