Fantas-Eyes Review & *Giveaway* Ends 5/11

Friday, May 4, 2012

When it’s sunny out, it’s always important to wear eye protection for so many reasons.  Squinting in the sun can cause lines on your skin and nobody wants that.  Also, your eyes can get damaged in bright sunlight especially if you are looking up a lot.  Even if your eyes are closed they can still get damaged.  And of course, sunburn on your eyelids is absolutely no fun because it’s painful, it can cause skin cancer, and it can cause wrinkles and fine lines!

Fantas-Eyes brings you a line of stylish and fun eyewear to protect your eyes and let you look good in the process.  I received the Amaretto pair of sunglasses from Fantas-Eyes.  I love the zig zag design on the side and I love the size.  It’s great for entire eye area coverage when I’m out in the sun.  These glasses were perfect because they weren’t too bulky or too tiny. .

I loved the Chase sunglasses because they remind me of Aviators and they gave me a nice stylish look.  I wore these on cloudy days where the sun was still out a bit but not directly on my face. These were so stylish and I got many compliments.  They sat lightly on my face and were very comfortable.

One lucky winner will receive a pair of Amaretto sunglasses and Chase sunglasses!

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  1. Ellen, your blog is looking awesome! I love the sunglasses too!


  2. They look nice on you. I like the Amaretto. I also like that the site has a face shape guide to help.

  3. The Faye style is totally adorable!

  4. I like the Moonbeam glasses :)

  5. I like the Tequila Sunrise !

  6. I like the catwalk or the muse

  7. I love Dunbar or Chaos!!!

    Also LOVE the new look to your blog!

  8. im a subscriber via steffiessweetsinsations(at)gmail(dot)com,
    i looked at fantas and liked beacon ones! lots of cute styles, i could get lots and lots of these!

  9. I like the ones called Astor Place, and also the Chase pair. I love aviators tho, and I broke my last pair. The Chase pair looks cute on you.

  10. I placed your blog button on the right hand side of my blog.


  11. I really liked the EA Aquarius:) Thanks!

  12. You look gorgeous in both pairs! We have good taste...because I love Accomplice, Amaretto, & Moonbeam. (Actually I love them all! But since you're forcing me to choose...)

  13. I like cat walk or the lindy hop frames.


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