Week 5 on Nutrisystem

Friday, March 8, 2013

5 weeks in and I can not believe the results I am getting from being on Nutrisystem !   I have lost 9 pounds since I began.  The meals are great and I look forward to them each day.  I no longer have random cravings and my healthy snacking is getting me through the day with not a single problem! 

The thing I really like about Nutrisystem is the convenience, especially with lunch.  I have been enjoying the Fudge Graham Bars as a quick and satisfying lunch and they really do hold me over throughout the afternoon.  It's perfect for in the car, at work, and at home when I am rushing around getting things done. 
Bring on Week 6!

Want to lose weight and get healthy on Nutrisystem? Join today by calling 1-888-853-4689 or by visiting http://www.nutrisystem.com/nsblog.

Disclosure: Nutrisystem has provided me with their program free of charge for participating in the Nutrisystem Nation Blogging Program. There is no other monetary compensation and  all opinions are my own.

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