Andrews Pet Palace Review & *Giveaway* Ends 5/31

Friday, May 24, 2013

I love my pets but sometimes it's a hassle to have to run the whole way to a specialty pet store to get their supplies.   This is why a website like Andrews Pet Palace is very convenient!  There are so many products for my pets and they are all wonderfully priced.   They get delivered right to your door and you never have to worry about running completely out of something and having to rush to the pet store late at night!

Andrews Pet Palace sent me a 14 pack of Advance Housebreaking Pads by Coastal Pet Products, which is great because with 4 chihuahuas, I am always in need of these.   However, these aren't just any pee pad, they actually turn blue when they get used! It's called Wet Check technology.   it makes it so much easier to know when to change the pad.  These pads were super absorbent even with 4 dogs!


And just because you don't have small dogs, doesn't mean you can't take advantage of these.  Big dogs have accidents when left home for an extended period of time, or if they get scared during a storm or during fireworks they can have accidents in the house.   Regardless, these are easy clean up for me and my pets because nothing leaked through, and nothing leaked off the pad.  I am very impressed by how well it contained the puddle!! I highly recommend these for any small or large dog owner, and especially for people with a new puppy!

One winner will get a 30 pack of pads!

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  1. I would love the housebreaking pads, I go threw them like crazy and I love the "blue" technology idea

  2. I would love the housebreaking pads, I go threw them like crazy and I love the "blue" technology idea

  3. I actually love these pads. I have bought them before and at first my yorkie tore it up into pieces then peeded on it. But I think he got the idea when I kept replacing the pads everyday.

  4. I like the Air Kong Spinner Propeller.

  5. I like the Air Kong Spinner Propeller.

  6. I like the Pedi Paws Nail Grinder

  7. I like the dog toys.. especially the Big Squeak Elephant

  8. I use a ton of puppy pads while I'm at work. I've never tried this brand though

  9. Snuggle puppy is probably my favorite item. I have one of these and it was great for a young puppy but I've also found that my oldest sheltie loves the snuggle puppy which is rather cute. Im interested in these pads, like that they turn blue when wet, easier to notice with just a glance if they need to be changed. I currently have eight dogs, including three rescues (one of my rescues is a chihuahua!) Although my youngest is now two, I often foster puppies which these would come in handy for and I have taken to putting one down at night, just in case for my old girl. She had one accident about a month ago and was mortified with herself, but she's old, she's deaf and she also happens to be my very best friend in the whole world.....she's the best dog in the world... Since her one and only accident was in the kitchen floor by the back door, I have been laying a pad down at night just in case she needs it..... Pads like this always come in handy when you have lots of dogs like I do.... Thanks for the chance to win.


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