Organizing the Fridge

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Well this past week, it was the fridge that needed tackled and let me tell you it was quite a mess.   I had to scrub and scrub to get some of the mess off of the shelves but in the end I made it look very pretty!

The best part was that after cleaning the whole fridge, it was nice to open it up and see the shiny glass.   

I organized like items together on the shelves:
Hot Sauce is all together.
Condiments such as Mayo and Ketchup are all together.
Dressing, marinades, and steak sauce are all in one shelf together.

On the bottom shelf I put large bottles that won't fit anywhere else.

For the top of the fridge, all of the heavy items like the milk gallons go on the right, and the smaller, lighter drinks go on the left.

The cheese drawer is where ALL the cheese goes and the fruits and veggies can now go in separate drawers!! 

Are you cleaning your fridge soon? What's your method? Leave a comment below!

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