Organize Your Hair Tools with the Hot Iron Holster

Thursday, May 23, 2013

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When it comes to organizing your beauty supplies it can be very overwhelming.   Let's see....women have cosmetics, lotions, facial routine products, hairbrushes, styling products, and styling tools, just to name SOME!  

So when I discovered the Hot Iron Holster I was thrilled! Not only is this a great organizing solution but it also helps with the issue of where to place your flat iron when it's still hot!

The Hot Iron Holster was created by a busy mom who finally came to her breaking point after the umpteenth time her hot curling iron slipped into the sink and her flat iron fell to the floor.   Not only are these safety hazzards, but they make your daily routine tha tmuch more frustrating.   She looked all over online to see if there was something she could use to hold her curling iron.  The only things she found were holders that required a countertop or a wall for mounting.  Since she didn't have a countertop she decided to use her sewing machine and a silicone oven mitt with a hot pad from the kitchen.  She stitched them together and filled it with coins to weigh it down.  It was pretty ugly but it worked.   And that's where the idea for the STYLISH Hot Iron Holster came from! You KNOW this product will work for you because of the way it was developed!

I received a hot pink Hot Iron Holster for review and it's a great addition to my organized beauty and haircare set up!  It's heat resistant and made of 100% silicone and all I had to do was press the flap onto my countertop and it gripped the surface.  If I need to remove it, I just have to lift it up....easy as that!

This was amazing when I needed to do some flat ironing to my hair, then stop and do something else, then do some more ironing.  I could set the hot iron in it and not worry about it burning or melting anything.  The Hot Iron Holster comes in black, white, purple, and pink so you have plenty of options to suit your preferences!

Ladies - THIS IS A MUST HAVE!!!!!

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