Barts Cookies - The Best Cookie I've Ever Had

Monday, May 27, 2013

Okay, I have to tell you that I am going through some serious withdrawal and it's all thanks to Bart!!  Before I explain more, let me introduce you to Bart.

His name is Bart Smith and he is the maker of Barts Cookies aka the world's greatest cookies! He started baking cookies for everyone back in college and they made such a big deal out of them that he realized he was onto something.  Bart wears many hats, including an author, and a successful businessman!   So his cookies are great for clients, and even if you are just a regular person, you can find plenty of options to indulge in when it comes to ordering cookies from Bart. 

Bart was kind enough to send me samples of his cookies.  I tried the Milk/Dark Chocolate Chip cookies and the regular milk chocolate chip cookies.  Oh my gosh, DELICIOUS!  It reminds me of cookie dough, but yet it's fully baked, but it's still so chewy yet just firm enough!

I even let my dad try one and he said they are "ass kickin"!   The milk chocolate/dark chocolate chip combination was absolutely amazing and it was something I had never tried before.  I could not believe the quality of these cookies.   They are the perfect size, even the bigger one, but they weren't too overpowering with sweets, yet they were sweet enough that I could have eaten all of my samples in one sitting!  

I highly highly highly recommend you get cookies from Bart as a gift for someone or just to spoil yourself!!!  You will NOT regret it.  You can choose from different chocolate chip flavors, and from the different sizes!!   GO NOW and tell Bart I said Hello! :)

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