FlipBelt Review & *Giveaway* Ends 5/8

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

FlipBelt is exactly what you think it would be.  A belt, that flips but the whole benefit of it is that you can wear it while you're active and working out.   Have you ever been frustrated because you want to go on a run but you need to bring your phone, your house key, and some cash?  Well no need to worry about an armband or an embarassing fanny pack, because with FlipBelt you can slide your phone and any other items in whatever openings you want and then flip the belt inward to securely lock them in place.  It looks great and it's comfortable.  It even has 3M quality reflective logos on it for safety and it has a non-bounce even design.  There are no uncomfortable buckles or snaps that will cause chafing, and it's machine washable and dryable! Need an epipen, inhaler, or medicine?   Put it in the FlipBelt!!!   It's antibactieral spandex fabric will give you a great fit and you can choose from a variety of colors to accent your workout wardrobe!

I received a pink FlipBelt and I absolutely love it! It's so handy when I go running and need to take my keys and phone with me! It's also great if I'm walking the dogs.  I mean come on now, 4 dogs leaves me with no free hands so how do you expect me to carry anything else?   I love how comfortable the Flipbelt was and I forgot it was even there!

One winner will get a FlipBelt of their own!!
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  1. I really love the design - how thin it is - compared to the lovely 80s fannypack! Love also all the colors that they have and how easy it is to use!

  2. I love that it allows you to be hands free and still carry all you need.

  3. I love of the idea of this belt!

  4. this is one of the smartest products invented yet. When I run, I sadly have to remove my house key from my key chain and stick it inside my shoe. No pockets no nothing. And my phone, I keep it in my hand while running. So this belt is a smart item

  5. i love that its cute, comfortable, and functional!

  6. I like that you can carry a lot of things in it- it's cute too and not bulky looking!

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  8. I like the Multi-access pocket openings throughout belt


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