Make a Care Package for the Man in Your Life

Monday, May 20, 2013

Guys are hard enough to buy gifts for, especially when you deal with picky ones (cough::my dad::cough) so next time you need a gift for any man in your life, stop obsessing over what big ticket item you can get for him.   Instead...think small...and cheap....literally.   

Below is a simple guide to help you put together a unique and special care package for the special guy in your life!  

I even included the one I made for my boyfriend, James! He works so hard and is always putting in extra hours at his job and sometimes working part time on the side, and still he never complains or treats me anything less than amazing!   I was trying to think of a way to show him I care but also show him that I want to help him feel his best when he's working hard and have a way to remember that I care about him and appreciate his hard work. 

Step 1. Pick one part of his life like his hobby, his job, or his daily routine.

James works many hours and he works very hardI chose to make a care package that would help him when it came to working

2.  Make a list of items that pertain to that part of his life.    
Think of items that make him happy, make his life easier, or that he uses on a daily/weekly basis. 
 I chose items that deal with first aid, snacks, health, and feeling comfortable while at work.  
  • Shower Wipes - For hot days in the shop or outside 
  • Candy - For a simple pick me up and to give him some energy
  • Band-aids & Anti-Bac Ointment - Because he is always beating his hands and fingers up and I'm not there to treat them
  • Antacid Tablets - For when his stomach is upset and he's on the job
  • Hand Sanitizer - Because he and I both like to be as clean as we can be :-)    

3. Purchase, make, or gather up the items on that list.
 photo 78865cc5-1395-41fd-8c94-9a9013d6352c_zpsf322899d.jpg
I already had some of the items on hand but I also stopped at the Dollar Tree to pick up small versions of some of the items such as band-aids, Ointment, Antacids, and I also bought the candy from there.  

4. Find a convenient way to package and present them to him with a basket, storage bin, tote, etc.  
 photo e1265ee5-2727-4411-9c64-69b20dd20aae_zpse1679059.jpg
Since I want him to be able to use his care package during the work day I made sure to get a durable, easy to store box, so I picked up a small plastic bin from the Dollar Tree and chose one with a blue lid to match the blue color of his car.  

5. Add a personal touch.
 photo 7d8e1487-d64a-47c1-8216-cd55f97af2d1_zpsac1ba243.jpg
I included a hand written note card with a sweet message.  I taped it to the inside of the lid so James can read it every time he opens his box.  

Talk about being creative!   What kind of theme would you have for your man's care package gift?
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