How I Keep My Flats Smelling Nice All Year

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Honestly, I am not a fan of wearing shoes without socks, but sometimes, like in the case of wearing flats, you just have to!   Often times, I sweat and the shoes become smelly and I don't want to wear them anymore.   There are several solutions that I have discovered for dealing with smelly flats AND for preventing it in the future. 

If the flats and shoes you already have been wearing are sweaty and smelly, then when you let them sit in your closet, sprinkle baking soda in them.  It will neutralize the odor and absorb the wetness in their already. 
 photo IMG_0948_zps68e6ad61.jpg

Another solution, for the future is Odor Absorbing Shoe Liners like the ones from Silver Linings New York.  I actually received a sample and they are fantastic! You can't even tell they are there! They use an antimicrobial silver-based technology and come with 5 pairs in each pack.   They will last through about 10-15 uses.   Look at the two adorably feminine colors and designs above just on the packaging!  These things are a great solution and they really do work!   My feet and my shoes smell wonderful now! 

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