L'Occitane Radiance & Color Care Collection Review

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

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 photo IMG_0952_zps477e221a.jpg L'Occitane has an amazing Radiance & Color Care Line for color-treated hair.  It contains 5 essential oils to maintain vibrant hair color naturally.   It's frustrating for me because I know that everytime I wash my hair the color fades a little and I am always trying to ensure it still looks great and vibrant.  Well, now I can.   L'Ocitane Radiance & Color Care contains the oils: Bergamot, Palmarosa, Geranium, Rosemary, and Cedar.  It smells fantastic and made my scalp tingle in a soothing but subtle way.

It's also sulphate free which is important because it won't strip the color as it cleanses your hair.  There's even a UV Screen to protect your hair from the sun, which I always try to do anyways.   I love the texture of both the shampoo and the mask.  and a little went a long way when it came down to how much I needed to use.   The smell stayed in my hair for 2 days and my hair was so shiny and smooth.  I can definitely tell a difference in how hydrated my hair is now!

The mask is truly amazing because it literally just got soaked directly into my hair and it didn't weigh my strands down at all.  I use it once a week in order to protect the color and keep my hair looking and feeling great.   The Shampoo is great because it works itself into a nice lather and it rinsed out easily instead of gunking up my scalp like some products have.

I highly recommend this line for anyone with color-treated hair!

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