10 Favorite Features of the 2014 Toyota Camry SE Sport

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Toyota provided me this vehicle in exchange for my honest review.  All opinions are my own. Read my Disclosure Policy.

So last week I was lucky enough to drive around in the 2014 Toyota Camry SE Sport.  It was a shiny red beauty just screaming for me to get in, relax, and enjoy the ride.

This is my first experience driving a Toyota and I have 10 reasons that I love this vehicle and the way it fits my lifestyle. 

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1. Sleek Stylish Exterior
I love fashion and beind stylish but that doesn't end with my wardrobe.   The sleek design and sexy front end really won me over with the 2014 Camry SE Sport.  With a beautiful grin embellished with fog lights, I was quite impressed at the overall sporty look that this sedan has.  I even liked the detail on the sideview mirrors.
2. The Amazing Gas Mileage
I work in the city and I live in the suburbs so when I'm not using the highway, I am often stuck in stop and go city traffic.  That always seems to affect my gas mileage even when I just go a short distance, but wow did the 2014 Toyota Camry SE Sport do a fantastic job with fuel efficiency.   It gets 28 mpg, with 25 city and 35 highway.  I was so so impressed and I know if I owned this car, my budget would be very pleased with my savings on gas.
3. Smooth Handling Around Town
Like I said above, I drive around town a lot so I'm going around windy roads, sharp turns, and bumpy streets.  This car sure made the ride much smoother which is great for someone like me who always has a handbag, tote, and miscellaneous other items in the car that normally go flying around at every turn.  Everything stayed in place, and I had a very pleasant and quiet ride.  I even took this car on a Target shopping spree and everything was still in place and upright in the trunk when I arrived home that night.
4. Paddle Shifting Capabilities
I love automatic vehicles, but that doesn't mean I can't enjoy paddle shifters, and I did just that in the Camry!    This 6-speed gem was very easy to drive around while shifting.  
5. A User Friendly Navigation System
Normally, I struggle with difficult touch screens and lagging menus with navigation systems, but not this time! The GPS was super easy to use, had a pleasant voice, an accurate mapping plan, and was so quick to enter an address into.  This is great for someone like me that travels a lot for work purposes and needs to be able to get out of a "Where Am I" bind quickly! It was a huge stress off my back while I drove the Camry.
6. Great Sound System
I love listening to music, whether it's a CD, my iPod, or Satellite Radio.  I could do all 3 with the 2014 Totoya Camry SE Sport and I loved the quality of sound in this car.  It was easy to navigate around which was another huge feature for me, but most of all I felt in the zone when I drove and enjoyed my favorite music!    I felt like a rockstar pulling into a parking spot while my jam blasted out the open sunroof!
7. Storage and Interior Flow
I have so much crap I lug around on a daily basis that I like to keep it easy to get in and out of my vehicle.  The interior was very spacious even just upon entering the driver's seat.  I loved the little storage compartments and the USB plugs.   There is so much storage room in the trunk as well.   he storage capabilities and overall flow of the interior

8. Comfortable Seats
Like I said earlier, I travel pretty often these days so a comfortable seat makes all the difference at the end of a road trip.  These seats were great! They had power adjustments and really kept me from getting stiff while driving.  Even my passengers raved about them. 

9. Excellent Safety Features
Honestly, this car has great safety ratings.  It's got an Anti-lock brake system, Smart Stop Technology, 10 airbags, tire pressure monitoring system, whiplash-injury-lessening front seats, and it feels safe the moment you push the gas pedal.  It's important for me to always drive vehicles that rate high with government safety ratings.  

10. Ease of Parking
I have to say, I'm impressed with the ease of parking in tight spots, and the ease of sight when checking behind you and around you.  I swear some vehicles have THE WORST when it comes to parking in cities and even store parking lots.

Overall I think this is a great vehicle for someone who is on the go a lot and gets both city and highway travel in on a regular basis.  The storage capacity is great for anyone that likes outdoor activities, transports sports equipment, or just enjoys shopping a lot!   The sleek stylish modern look of the 2014 Toyota Camry SE Sport makes it a great car for millenials like me!

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